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Crime, Law, Safety
Does The Silence Of Society Embolden The Bullies?

Bullying, or even cyber bullying/harassment is a reality but mostly neglected by all until one becomes a victim. Is there something we can do about it?

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Undo The Shackles [#Poetry]
struggle for survival stop violence

A poem about a woman's fight against marital abuse, violence and rape and also struggle for survival in a callous, patriarchal society.

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Do We Need To Protect Our Girls Or Just Teach Our Boys To Respect Them?

Teaching boys to respect girls can go a long way towards eliminating the need to protect them from the threat of violence. The onus is on us.

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You Are A Woman Now: A Poem After The Recent On-Campus Murder In Pune

Recently, a young woman was murdered at her workplace in Pune - revealing the extent to which contempt for independent women exists.

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Her Mother Would Not Have Believed Her, So She Shut Up About Being Molested!

She did not know how to tell her mother about it, and would not have been believed, so keeping quiet about being molested was the only way she knew.

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She Is Indestructible! [#Poetry]

Women may be trodden upon, beaten up, subdued. But there is collective spirit and strength in them that is indestructible!

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