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BHU Is An Alarming Reminder That Indian Women Still Must Choose Between Safety & Education

The BHU protests show us that 50% of the population still faces a trade-off between their safety and education! Read on.

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Be A Virgin Until Marriage, But A Whore Thereafter
force himself on his wife

What gives a married man the right to force himself on his wife? Is she a slave? Has he bought her? Does he own her? How is it any less than any other form of physical assault? How is it NOT criminal?

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Unbroken [#Poem]

Rise woman, fear not your demons, you are the creator, you are your own savior too, let them have a glimpse of the mighty power within...

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To Worry Or Not To Worry — Can Parents Really Relax After Sending Children To School?
sending children to school

With the growing violence and sexual assault cases against children in India, can parents really relax after sending children to school? #WomenOnTheMove

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Our Safety Tax Infographic Shows You The Hidden Costs Of Being A Woman

Apart from paying taxes for 'luxuries' like tampons and sanitary napkins, women are also compelled to pay a safety tax. Read and find out!

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Let’s Keep The Flame Burning! Let’s Keep Questioning Schools…And Everything Else!

Content with the 'premium' badge of reputed schools, we have closed ourselves off from questioning schools - or anything else. It's time to light the flame!

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