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consent to sex
Consent To Sex Isn’t Just About A “Yes” Or A “No”

Consent is also about the 'how' of sex. It's not (only) about the yes and no. The Aziz Ansari case got us thinking about consent to sex..

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Either As The Victim Or The Bystander, Speak Up For Yourself And For Others

Do not take domestic violence lying down. Be an aware bystander. Speak up for yourself and for anyone else who faces this enemy and help them.

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Desire [#ShortStory]

"Why don’t you tell her that we are not living together, that you have ruined my life, that I cannot be your wife?" demanded Maya. "Fine this time, I will," said Rohan.

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Stop Teaching These English Rhymes To Children – We Have Enough Violence In The World Today!
English rhymes

English rhymes are often thinly veiled cautionary tales that are often pretty violent too. Maybe we should think again about teaching them to impressionable minds.

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Supreme Court: Khap Panchayats Cannot Threaten Adults Who Opt For Inter-Caste Marriages

In a recent development, the SC announced that Khap Panchayats no longer have the right to 'punish' adult couples in an inter-caste marriage. Read here.

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No More Stalking! Sign This Petition, Tell Our Film-Makers To Stop Glorifying Stalkers

No more stalking! Take a reality check and you will realise that stalking in India is an ugly fact which leaves the victims horrified and fighting to live their life normally.

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