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Social Issues
menstrual myths
This Recent Short Film Gaokor Hits Hard At Ridiculous Menstrual Practices

Menstrual myths and practices that discriminate against women for a very natural phenomenon are a scourge of reasonable society.

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Threatening To Rape A Woman’s Daughter Has Become An Acceptable Way To Attack Her

Have an issue with someone on social media? Threatening to rape her daughter is becoming a perfectly acceptable thing to say. Welcome to the Internet. 

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How Do We, As A Society And Country, Help Rape Culture Flourish?

Every individual of society is responsible for how social beliefs and practices evolve. Are we ready to recognise our role in the development of rape culture?

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Marriage Shouldn’t Be Just Legal Sex, Stability, & Kids. We Need A Witness To Our Lives
love and companionship

Why should people marry? Is it just the things we're told by elders that have to do with the mundane? What about love and companionship? Do we always get it?

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14 Signs That You Might Be The ‘Good Indian Woman’. How Many Ring True?

Who makes up society? And who makes the rules that 'good Indian women' have to abide by? Look into yourself and make that change now if others have to change.

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Don’t Hit Forward! Is Your Mindless Whatsapp Killing Innocent People?

Recently, there have been a series of horrifying lynchings spurred by fake Whatsapp forwards. How do we combat this murderous epidemic?

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