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[#NotMyLoveJihad] My Mom & My Boyfriend Of Different Faith – My 2 Loves I Don’t Want To Pick From!
different faiths

I love both my mom and my boyfriend dearly. But I can't tell her about him because we are of different faiths. I don't want to hurt either of them. #NotMyLoveJihad 

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Himanshu Singh: The 28 Year Old Guy Next Door Who Came Out About His Sexuality On Facebook
Himanshu Singh

Himanshu Singh is a young Indian man who came out about his sexuality on Facebook despite the risks, and is now an LGBTQ activist. 

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The Moment Of Truth [#ShortStory]
moment of truth

The irony is that most of us as teenagers and young adults, find it hard to be entirely truthful to our families. Why?

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Crime, Law, Safety

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Consent To Sex Isn’t Just About A “Yes” Or A “No”
consent to sex

Consent is also about the 'how' of sex. It's not (only) about the yes and no. The Aziz Ansari case got us thinking about consent to sex..

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Either As The Victim Or The Bystander, Speak Up For Yourself And For Others

Do not take domestic violence lying down. Be an aware bystander. Speak up for yourself and for anyone else who faces this enemy and help them.

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Desire [#ShortStory]

"Why don’t you tell her that we are not living together, that you have ruined my life, that I cannot be your wife?" demanded Maya. "Fine this time, I will," said Rohan.

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Gender, Stereotypes, Sexism

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To My Dear Fairness Cream…
fairness cream

What are the advertisements trying to sell impressionable girls? That a woman's confidence is dependent upon her fairness cream? A letter calling this out.

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Let’s Respect Each Mom’s Choice, And Say NO To Mom Shaming!
mom shaming

Even among moms, the judging of other moms and their choices is rampant, and social pressures contribute. Let's say no to mom shaming, for every mother is different.

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Learning From Andal, Learning From The Devadasi

Modern women can learn much from Andal’s life and appreciate its beauty, without having to be sentimental about it or evaluating her in a 21st century context.

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