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“Women Are Women’s Worst Enemies” – It’s Time To Smash This Myth!

Haven't you heard 'Women do not support each other', and that too not from just men but also women? If anyone thought this was true, I would say either 'rethink' or just 'take a walk'.

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How Water Crisis Directly Leads To Discrimination Against Women (And Can Annihilate Us)
water crisis

We are inexorably moving towards a gigantic water crisis, and unless definite steps are taken by all, it is a future we cannot avoid.

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A Handy Guide For Boys And Men In 7 Points: Cut Out Crap Like ‘Hansee Toh Phasee’
hasee toh phansee

A popular misconception that a girl doesn't really say what she means and that she can be worn down by 'persisting' needs to be junked, NOW.

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Confessions Of A True Social Media Addict

Are you a social media addict? Getting there soon? This humorous take on a fairly-serious-issue will get you smiling.

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It’s 2018 And Indian Women Still Paid 30% Less Than Men: Why The Gender Pay Gap?

A recent report highlights that despite same qualifications, Indian women get paid 30% less than men. This has again brought to our notice the glaring gender pay gap that exists in the society.

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Censor Board, Were You Sleeping When You Okayed ‘Tere Chumme Mein Chyawanprash Hai’?

The recent song 'Tera chumme mein chyawanprash hai' made the author contemplate about the various double-standards that plague our society.

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