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These Women Threw An All Faith Iftaar For Ramzan. And It Was Beautiful

Will women be the force that brings communities and people together? A lovely account of a women-led all faith iftaar.

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How Can You Attract A Happy And Healthy Life For Yourself With Positive Self-Talk?

Self-talk can be very powerful - it is the inner voice that tells us what to think of ourselves, and can affect your self esteem and choices.

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These 4 Crowdfunding Campaigns By Women Made Me Go, Wowza!

Crowdfunding campaigns can work beautifully to make your cause a common cause. We show you 4 such inspiring campaigns by women. Crowdfunding is a concept that tracks back to at least a century. In crowdfunding campaigns, simply put, a group of people come together to raise money for a common cause. In India, crowdfunding is […]

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Crime, Law, Safety

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F For Foeticide? [#ShortStory]
F for foeticide

"What use is a daughter? I need sons who can carry on my name, my business, my legacy. A daughter is only a waste of money."

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Yes, She Survived. But None Of The Headlines Were About The Rapists And The Murderers
survival is a shame

In a country where we do not hold rapists and murderers accountable, do not expose the 'why' of their heinous crimes, the mere survival is a shame.

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Vendetta [#ShortStory]

“... good families do not talk about sex and you are saying our daughter is being raped by her husband. Husbands never rape, it is their right on a wife’s body."

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Gender, Stereotypes, Sexism

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I’m Not Just Her Mom Or His Sister In Law. I Have A Name. Use It!
I have a name

Society loves calling women by the relationship they have to someone, as many would not have an identity outside home. "But I have a name. Use it."

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Feminism Begins At Home. Parents, Are You Listening?
concept of feminism

It is important that the concept of feminism is modeled to our children, as they imbibe what they see and know, conditioning them to be more gender equal.

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Why A Marriage Might Be The Biggest Roadblock In A Woman’s Life

Married life could be the biggest stressor in a woman's life, causing more harm than good, sociologically speaking.

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