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“How Would I Have Reacted If A Friend Or Relative Had Asked Me The Same?”

Gautami had heard this from her grandmother many times. As a child she never understood the meaning of these words. But today’s incident reminded Gautami of her grandmother’s teachings.

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Check Out These 7 LGBTQ Publications In India That Aim To Give Queer Voices A Platform
LGBTQ publications in India

These 7 LGBTQ publications in India give the community a platform to speak of the issues that need to be addressed to make for a more inclusive society.

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After So Many IVF Attempts, She Was Tired! Was There Any Hope?

Niharika wasn't sure how long this could last. She discussed it with Ayush and he too agreed to go through the screening for a possible IVF.

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Gender, Stereotypes, Sexism

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Pretty! Doll! Princess! – Are Your ‘Compliments’ Setting Her Up For Failure?
ways to compliment girls

Is the only way to compliment girls by saying they look pretty/cute/like a princess? It sets them up for failure by telling them their looks are superior to their selves! 

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Virginity Isn’t A Report Card To Assess Who A Woman Is. Think Before You Question!

Why is virginity still the measure of a woman in Indian society? When will we stop obsessing about it and give every woman her due based on what and who she is? 

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When Someone Asked Me Why Some ‘Ugly’ Girls Think They Are Truly Beautiful!
ugly girls

Blackie told herself, “I am a part of this beauty. Within me lies this beauty. Outside of me lies this beauty. Then, every day, every moment, why do I fret so much?”

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