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Think That Love Minus Sex Is ‘Just Friendship’? Think Again!
asexual couples

Asexual love has a right to having a Valentine too! Grace Singh, who runs Indian Aces for asexual couples writes.

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I Shouldn’t Have To Endure Groping On Railway Platforms: Virali Modi

Virali Modi refuses to accept it, that women with disabilities cannot live, move about or travel alone in India, with their disability as well as gender being a barrier.

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In Your Own Skin: A Message From Taapsee Pannu

If more stars take a stand on fairness creams as Taapsee Pannu recently did, would we see less fascination with fair skin in India?

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Crime, Law, Safety

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Subodh Kumar, Killer Husband – Is The Kind Who Believes: I Am A Man! No Rules For Me!
subodh kumar killer husband

Subodh Kumar, a man with two wives killed his first wife, chopping her into pieces! For how long are we going to tolerate such entitled monsters in our midst?

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Patriarchy Lurks Behind Attacks On Women. Please Don’t Mansplain This To Me?

Why do folks find it so hard to accept that patriarchy (and its emphasis on power) is often behind attacks on women? That it's not just 'some bad guys'?

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Can Society Ensure Ordinary Women’s Safety When Even Celebs Face Harassment?

In a recent, shocking incident in Kerala, when returning from work, a leading Malayalam actress was abducted and molested by a group of people in her moving car for an hour.

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Gender, Stereotypes, Sexism

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The Family Outing – Of Divorces And Second Wives [#ShortStory]
life after a divorce

Divorces are never easy. Life after a divorce, for the first few years at least, is like being left in a dark maze without a flashlight.

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Urvashi, Urvashi! This No-Bullshit Feminist Remix Of The Urvashi Song Is Delightful

This delightful feminist remix of the Urvashi song takes on sexism, victim-blaming, fat-shaming...I guess you can see we are thrilled about it!

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The Fight For Feminism Is All About Equality. But Here’s What I Will Not Fight For
fight for feminism

Women's fight for feminism is being seriously undermined if we expect privileges for 'being a woman'. Shouldn't it be about gender equality?

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