I Couldn’t Call It Love Yet, But This Happened After Our Mad First Date

She had a mad first date and the two hit it off. She was no longer a giddy teenager, but a responsible, 30 year old working woman. What happened when she told her family about him?

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You Need Me To Care For You, But A Caregiver Needs Some Me-Time Too!

Women carry the burden of being caregivers - caring for a special child, an elder who is bedridden, or a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's. These can be labours of love, but what about me-time for her?

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We Couldn’t Even Become Friends In The Last 7 Years, Forget About Being A Part Of Your Family!

A heartbreaking personal account of a bad marriage in the third person, this author asks if she was wrong in some way to stand up for herself. What will you tell her?

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Our Mothers Did Not Owe Sex To Our Fathers

As we daughters grow up to be women, we understand the marital problems that were between our parents. We need to stand by our mothers who surely have suffered as wives.

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When I Discovered The Hazards Of Online ‘Fraandship’ With Strangers Of The Opposite Sex

I met this man on an online forum with similar tastes, so I accepted his friend request. Until I discovered myself in deep shit that I needed to extricate myself from.

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My Mom-In-Law Doesn’t SAY Anything, But I FEEL Watched — Reality Or Paranoia?

Do we set up our girls to fail at their relationships with a parent-in-law with a social narrative of monsters-in-law who they can never reconcile with? 

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