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loop of domestic abuse
What Do The Words We Use To Speak Of Domestic Abuse And Freedom Tell Us?

Language is a powerful tool to identify, stand up against, and get out of the loop of domestic abuse. We need to pay more attention to the IFs and BUTs we use in what we say.

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When My Husband Asks In The Evening, “Aaj Kiya Kya Tumne? (What Did You Do Today?)”
what did you do today

The question "what did you do today?" from a husband is usually for gaslighting the wife to believe that they have been lazy or neglectful.

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10 Dangers Faced By Kids Today That Are Peculiar To Life In A Fast-Paced, Virtual World
dangers faced by kids

Children have always been at danger owing to their helplessness and inexperience, but some of the dangers faced by kids today are peculiar to the fast paced and virtual life we all live. 

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When He Got Me Some Pink Roses On That Rainy Night
pink roses

Why hadn’t my husband come home? What took him so long? His mobile was switched off too and I never bothered to take down the phone numbers of his frivolous friends.

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Why Are So Many Men Obsessed About The Breast Size Of A Woman?
obsession with breasts

Breasts of a woman are certainly the stuff of men's fantasies, but a woman cannot be equated to her breast size. A movie review that speaks of this.

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The Unspoken Words

What happens when old friends meet after a long, long while? Questions are asked, and niceties exchanged. But does everything remain the same? On one rainy evening, I happened to bump into an old friend at a cafe after a tiring day of work. Excited, we held out our arms and hugged like never before. […]

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