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Parenting Kids In The Age Of The Blue Whale – How Do You Protect Your Teens?
blue whale

As a mom of 2 kids who will soon be teens, I worry about the dangerous trends like the Blue Whale game - what do I do to protect  my kids?

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Walk Tall, And That’s How The World Sees You! [#ShortStory]
how the world sees you

And now here she was, in front of the mirror, wearing the most beautiful piece of jewelry her mother gave her, her confidence. The confidence to be herself.

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Dear Mom Of Twins, Congratulations! Do You Know What This Means, Though?
mom of twins

Becoming a new mother can turn life upside down, and when you are a mom of twins, it is double the trouble, but also double the fun & love!

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What Do You Do? I Have An Unusual Answer To This Simple Question

The 'what do you do' question usually refers to one's occupation, but in this case, became a moment to reflect on one's deepest beliefs about life.

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Salute! Francoise Barre-Sinousi Discovered The AIDS Virus Despite Facing Odds As A Woman Scientist
Francoise Barre-Sinousi

In the male dominated scientific milieu of the 80s, Francoise Barre-Sinousi discovered the AIDS virus HIV, paving the way for treatment of millions suffering from this deadly disease.

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These Senior Citizens Know Pain, But Chose To Live Life, Instead!
chose to live

These women in their 60s and 70s were full of life - some of them suffered from terrible diseases, but they chose to live fully, refusing to let their spirit die!

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More on Work
Destress Yourself At Work With These 4 Really Practical Tips

Destress yourself with these four practical and doable tips - some amount of stress is good for you, but don't let it become overwhelming!

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These Female War Correspondents Show Us Women Are No ‘Softies’ Looking For ‘Easy’ Work

War reporting is not easy, and even less so people doubt your abilities just because you're a woman. Here are 6 female journalists who went to the frontlines!

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I’m The Boss And I Refuse To Apologise For It

Why is it so hard for some men to accept a female boss, no matter how competent she is? Deal with it!

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