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More on Parenting
Does Your Kid Hero Worship A Celebrity? This Is Why You Should Be Worried
hero worship

Hero worship can blind you to someone's flaws, and can lead to erroneous ideas of what is acceptable. Especially so if your impressionable kid has a hero.

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My Mother, The Unexpected Rebel! [#ShortStory]
unexpected rebel

“If you bow down to everything society says, it will make sure that ‘You’ will be stripped from whom you really are.” Here is the fourth winner of our April 2017 Muse of the Month contest, Swarna Manjari Ayyalasomayajula. The cue for this month was from the movie Kahaani, in which the cop, played by Nawazuddin […]

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A Summer Camp Can Keep My 5 Year Old Occupied, But Is Structured Activity Age Appropriate For Him?
age appropriateness

How do you ensure that your child is exposed to a suitable environment? Read on to know the significance of age appropriateness in childhood.

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More on Wellness
How To Have A Clutter Free Mind (And Life!) In 10 Simple Steps
clutter free

The chaos in our lives is a function of the clutter in our homes and relationships. Check out these 10 points for a clutter free mind and life.

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7 Ways My Life Became Better When I Revived My Childhood Hobbies
childhood hobbies

Put yourself in touch with your inner child by rejuvenating your childhood hobbies, and making them a part of your everyday life. It's fun!

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Keeping Your Cool As A New Mom – Here’s What You Need To Know!
mother with a newborn

A freshly minted mother with a newborn baby needs me time as much as the next person. So ladies, stop feeling guilty about it!

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More on Work
Nandita Venkatesan Lost Her Hearing To Tuberculosis, Yet Is Today An Accomplished Bharatnatyam Dancer!
Nandita Venkatesan

Nandita Venkatesan lost her health, hearing, and a 'normal life' to tuberculosis, but this valiant girl battled it and rebuilt her life.

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The Presentation [#ShortStory]
The Presentation

“All I’m saying is, if you are committing the deadly sin of working late on Friday nights, at least get some credit for it!”

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Author Paulami DuttaGupta Shares Why Writing A Story Of A Rape Survivor Was So Tough

Author and script writer Paulami DuttaGupta's recent novel, Onaatah: Of The Earth raises tough questions about how we treat survivors of rape.

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