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My Tales Of The Village That It Takes To Raise A Child!
all the help they can get

Any parent would agree that, right from when they are expecting a child to when the child is old enough to express its needs, they need all the help they can get.

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When My Child Was Bothered By What Others Thought Of Her…
being themselves

Teach your child that being themselves is the biggest thing they can do for themselves, and model it to them by your behaviour.

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She Is A Mother, Not Someone To Clear Up After You All Day!
taking me for granted

When my daughter said, “You watch TV the whole day when I go to school,” I woke up to the fact that my kids were taking me for granted.

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More on Wellness
How To Recognise The Negative Patterns In Your Life And Set Yourself Free From Them
negative patterns

We tend to repeat the negative patterns that govern our lives, and mess it up. Here is how to get rid of them and lead a happier life.

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Is It Time That Heals Us, Or Is It Ourselves, Making A Decision To Heal?

We say that time heals us of our pain, but I disagree. It needs us to take responsibility for making a decision to heal. Only then can we really stop hurting.

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I Found Myself With Joint Pains That Wouldn’t Go Away With Treatment. That Is When I Discovered Yoga

Yoga has incredibly simple solutions for aches and pains that occur due to bad posture and the inflexibility of modern life. Here is how I harnessed it.

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More on Work
It’s Never Too Early For You To Mentor Other Women: Start Today!

If each of us could mentor other women at work and support their rise in our way, the 'power of us' as women would be truly realised!

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How To Avoid Unnecessary Misunderstandings At Work & Be Your Calmest Self

Misunderstandings at work are often a result of assumptions made by one person or another. Here's how to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding at work.

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Is It Just My Responsibility? [#ShortStory]
papa, don't preach

You always say you believe in gender equality. So why is it weird for you to stay at home and look after your daughter? Why is your job more important than mine?

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