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I Am Just A Mom. Just A Human Being Trying To Do My Best

Let's stop with the deification of moms, shall we? This is for all of you saturated with the glut of saccharine Mother's Day forwards.

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All I Want Is A Day Off, This Mother’s Day!

Yeah, you heard it right. This is all I want this Mother's Day; a day off from round-the-clock motherhood duties, a break from this programmed life. 

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‘Shasya ki Mummy’: My New Identity, And I Love It! #HappyMothersDay

That moment when you gain a new identity as 'mother of so-and-so' takes some getting used to. But it is precious too! Do you remember the first time someone referred to you this way?

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This Mother’s Day, It’s Time To Ask What We Do For Mothers (Besides Glorify Them)

Motherhood is as beautiful as it is gruelling. So, this mother's day, let us talk about what we can do to make life better for mothers.

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For Mother’s Day, A Very Special List Of 10 inspiring Indian Mommy Bloggers Redefining The Norms Of Motherhood

These ten inspiring mommy bloggers are creating a better world for moms. Read them for advice, for some laughter, and above all - to know that you are not alone.

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Why Is ‘Pleasing Us’ Our Daughters’ Duty?

Indian parents are experts at guilt tripping their kids, especially their daughters, who grow up into girls low on confidence.

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