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Anushka Sharma Told To Have “Etiquette And Politeness” By Man Who Litters

Actor Anushka Sharma was at the receiving end of numerous trolls and internet memes when she stopped a man from throwing litter on the road. Seriously?

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5 Women In Indian Parliament You Need To Know {A Little More} About

India’s performance in the representation of women in Indian Parliament has been abysmal. However, despite being in the minority, we do have some powerful female leaders who have proven themselves.

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Aamir Khan Trolled For A Playful Picture With Daughter: Seriously? Grow Up, People!
Aamir Khan trolled for pic

Aamir khan was recently trolled for posting a candid picture with his daughter for being 'obscene' and 'promiscuous' The writer feels otherwise and reminisces about her own bond with her dad.

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Kudos To Srishti Bakshi, Who Walked 3800 Kms To Help Make India A Safer Place For Women

Srishti Bakshi, Founder of CrossBow Miles recently completed a 3,800 kilometers journey on foot, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir to sensitize people about violence against women.

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Serena Williams Makes A Grand Comeback In A ‘Black Catsuit’ Sending A Strong Message
black catsuit

Tennis star Serena Williams was back in the court after a hiatus and sent a strong message to women all around the world as she rocked a 'black catsuit'.

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Savita Halappanavar: The Indian Woman Who Paved The Way For Ireland To Repeal Its Abortion Law!

Ireland repeals one of its most restrictive laws on abortion, thereby standing up against the age old Catholic norms. It was the death of Savita Halappanavar, an Indian emigrant that led to a 'quiet revolution'.

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