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Why Women Should Be Watching Budget Day 2017 Very Closely

Every budget has policy and specific announcements that will impact on women's lives. Here is why women should be watching Budget Day 2017 very closely.

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Luxuries Are Good, But Should Come Only After The Necessities. A Lesson To Teach Kids When Young

Luxuries are good, and we all need some, but it is essential to teach kids to weigh luxury vs necessity when spending their hard earned money.

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Demonetisation Woes? 5 Ways To Manage Your Household Expenses With Less Cash

The first week of December, there will be a huge demand for cash to manage household expenses, including paying salaries. What options exist to manage these expenses on less cash?

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Is Demonetisation A wake-up Call For Women That Cash Cannot Be Trusted?

While homemakers' plight after demonetisation has been highlighted, does it also point to the need for at least educated women to start moving away from cash and into investments?

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The Currency Ban Announced By The Prime Minister Is A Bold Step For The Post-Diwali Cleanup Of Laxmi

Laxmi was being worshipped everywhere during Diwali, but was this mostly black money? The currency ban will hopefully ensure that a cleaning up happens.

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Things I Would Have Done Differently For My Wedding. Do You Have A Wedding Shopping Story?
wedding shopping stories

Before you get married, the wedding shopping can end up feeling like the most important thing to do. 6 years on, a married woman has no illusions left about what really matters.

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