Money Management for Indian women: Learn how to manage your funds, investment options, how to save money and get advice on financial planning.
The Under-Rated Female Financial Paradox

A much socially ingrained and biologically inherent societal norm is the tendency for women to put themselves last in virtually all things.

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All You Need To Know About Alimony And Maintenance Laws In India
alimony and maintenance

With divorce rates on the rise, here's all you need to know about alimony and maintenance laws in India. An essential read for Indian women.

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10 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts That She’ll Love, And Won’t Cost You A Rupee!
Mother's Day gifts

What are you waiting for? You have 10 days to arrange for these Mother's Day gifts on a budget. Take your pick from this list and surprise your mom.

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Are We Ready For Financial Feminism In India? And What Does It Really Mean For Us?
financial feminism

Financial Feminism is the key to real change - here is a lucid explanation of how Indian women can go about achieving it. Find out.

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5 Real Life Couples Handle Money In Their Own Unique Ways – How Do YOU Go About It?
money matters

Do you believe in telling all, or hiding some things about your money matters in your marriage? This can be a sensitive issue in many ways.

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Begin Early To Get Your Pension Corpus Ready For A Secure Future
pension corpus

We live in dynamic times; where dependence on self is of great importance. Ensure that your future is secure by building a good pension corpus.

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