Perspectives by and on the lives of people in India who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.
drag queen Shabnam
Say Hello To India’s Youngest Drag Queen, 19 Year Old Shabnam Be-wa-fa

In a country where a man’s ultimate shame is to be called a woman, choosing to be a drag queen is itself an act of rebellion. Meet Nitish Anand, also known by his drag alias - Shabnam Be-wa-fa.

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Why Can’t A Boy Wear Lipstick Or Varun Grover Sport Nail Colour?

Just as we fight for women's right to make their own choices, we must also support men and people of all genders in their quest for their own identity. Varun Grover sets an inspiring example.

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I’m Not A Man Or A Woman, And Your Social Norms Can Be A Nightmare For Me

I was labelled a 'boy' when born, but I'm not. I do not feel I am either a man or a woman, but often feel like a woman. In technical terms, I am a non-gender conforming, non-binary trans person expressing as femme.

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One For All And All For One: Feminists & The Queer

As the Supreme Court gears up to hear a petition against #Section377, here is a poem that talks about how this fight is equally for all of us.

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Hannah Gadsby And Her Revolutionary ‘Nanette’ Is That One Show Everyone Needs To Watch

Hannah Gadsby and her revolutionary Nanette is re-writing the very history of comedy, says Anushree. Go ahead and get your hands on it. Somehow.

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I Lost Friends Coming Out As Bisexual. Because, “What If You Are Attracted To Me?”
problems of coming out as bisexual

I'm bisexual. It is difficult for both straight and gay people to understand or accept this. This creates many problems of coming out as a bisexual that others can't fathom. 

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