Our books section includes reviews of books by women writers in India, and/or with notable female characters. We also interview upcoming and well-known women writers in India on their work, and on life when writing in India.
Where Are The Female Superheroes In Our Books?

There is a real shortage of female superheroes in our books, of women who play a 'dominant' role and not only the traditional role of lover, wife, or mothers, says this author. 

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Koi Good News? How To Survive A Pregnancy In An Indian Marriage
Koi Good News?

Zarreen Khan's book Koi Good News? is the story of the Great Indian Baby Tamasha that happens in any married Indian woman's life. Soon to be adapted into a movie.

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What Happens When A Wife Leaves Her Family Behind In Pursuit Of A Greater Cause?
Missing book review

Where should a woman's loyalties lie? Her family or a greater cause? Sumana Roy’s Missing revolves around this theme, drawing in bigger questions and paradoxes along with it.

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9 Indian Women Authors Recommend Their Best Read In 2018 – How Many have You Read?
best read in 2018

Wouldn't you like to know what your favourite women authors have read recently? 9 of these authors recommend their best read in 2018. 

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Does The Harry Potter Series Promote Rape Culture?
Harry Potter

You may have read the Harry Potter series a thousand times, but did you notice the overlooked rape victim in it? A look at why the series promotes rape culture.

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‘Mannequin’ Reveals The Grim True Life Stories Of Our Fashion Models
mannequin book review

In her book Mannequin, Manjima Bhattacharjya decodes the connection between fashion and feminism, and tells us the real stories behind this glittering world.

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