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Why I Need To Be An ‘Assertive’ Bahu And Not Struggle To Be A ‘Perfect’ One

I believe that one needs to be a positive and assertive bahu, not necessarily a perfect one, as long as there is mutual love. You win some, you lose some.

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Ask For Help And It Will Be Given

The Harry Potter series of books is not just adult fiction but a treasure trove of life lessons. It's not surprising to find profound thoughts here.

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Yesterday Once More (Flash Fiction)

Read how Nicholas and Karen found their love again after 25 years of getting married and going through the thick and thin together. She looked in the mirror hard and touched her freshly sprouted hair. Nicholas and Karen thought they knew what love meant until then! Until that moment when they had to fulfil their […]

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Sex & Sexuality

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Hear Me ROAR: When A Woman Says NO, It Means NO!

Powerful poetry that narrates the tale of a woman's consent in a relationship from being strangers to marital rape. When a woman says NO it's a NO!

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What Is It That Drives People In Seemingly Good Marriages To Indulge In Infidelity?

Loyalty in a marriage is important to me, so I am unable to reconcile with the ease with which people go in for infidelity - even in good marriages! A personal look.

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An Indian Woman’s Dilemma Of Whom To Swipe Right On Tinder To Keep Out Creeps

Tinder can easily lead to an unpleasant experience, especially in a country like India. How do you know who filter out the creeps and swipe right only the nice guys?

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