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Better living for Indian women - whether it is through quick cooking ideas that cut your time in the kitchen, money management tips that help you save and make more money, or fun ideas for female travellers in India.


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Can You Actually Save Money With DIY Projects For The Home?
DIY projects

Earlier I had thought of DIY as just a hobby. It was only when I set up my own home that I started appreciating that I can save money with DIY projects.

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An Ode To A Woman’s Elevating Accessory – The Heeled Shoes!
heeled shoes

Shoes often maketh a woman too, and heeled shoes can add inches to your confidence, especially as you take your place among women breaking barriers!

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Down With Saree Dress Codes! A Rant About The Saree With Which I Have A Love Hate Relationship!
saree dress code

Let women decide if and when they want to wear a saree. Who are the men to decide upon a saree dress code at work for women?

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The Healthy Lunchbox Timetable Set For Kids By Schools: Boon Or Bane For Moms?
healthy lunchbox

Many schools enforce healthy lunchbox timetables to promote healthy eating, placing more strain on mothers who remain the primary parent in most families.

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That ‘Request’ For Special Weekend Menus By Family Can Be Unfair When Even You Want To Relax, Right?
kitchen work

Weekends are a time for rest and fun for the family. But is it the same for the mother and the woman of the house? What about the neverending kitchen work?

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“Honey We Have Guests For Lunch!” Why These Words Are Alarming For Women
Portrait of a beautiful woman covering her ears on grary background

Having guests for lunch can be stressful for women - simply because all the work involved in entertaining falls on women (with few of the rewards!)

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8 Baby Steps For Financial Independence That Women Can Easily Take, Even If Not Earning!
steps for financial independence

Women are born managers; they can always manage the finances better than men if given an opportunity. Here are small steps for financial independence that women can take.

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If A Wife Earns More Than A Husband, Does That Make Him Any Less Of A Man?
wife earns more than husband

"Oh, the wife earns more than husband!" Why should this even be a consideration? Does a working wife, or one earning more make the husband less of a man?

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What Is GST And How Does It Really Impact Us? Find Out!

What is GST? If you've been pondering the real impact of the GST tax regime we are moving to, learn more here.

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Pop Culture

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We Like ‘Strong Women’ Like RJ Malishka, Just As Long As They Shut Up

RJ Malishka is not just bold, she happens to be a woman; how dare she ‘sing’ the truth?

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6 Things Bollywood Taught Us About First Nights

Bollywood is a great teacher in terms of love, romance, wooing women, etc etc. Here are some first night lessons, from the very best. 10/10 recommended.

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Ugh! 10 Ways I’d Rather Not Be Like That Silly Woman Simran, From DDLJ!

Many of us grew up with Simran from DDLJ as a role model for girls? Read this and you won’t think so any more…

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Naked And Afraid At A Turkish Hamam, But Oh So Refreshed!
Beauty portrait of a smiling woman covering her eyes with orange isolated on a white background

If you see naked women staring at each other's bodies, faking a relaxed mind Congratulations! You are about to be laundry-dried in a Turkish Hamam.

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You Take My Breath Away!
a woman travelling alone

A brilliant description of the experience of a woman travelling alone, the tranquillity and peace that such an encounter can bring. Do read.

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The Peak Tourist Season For Awe Inspiring Ladakh Is May-September. Here’s My Experience Of It

All you would like to know about taking that trip to Ladakh, through the lens of this author's personal trip to this wonderful place!

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