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Better living for Indian women - whether it is through quick cooking ideas that cut your time in the kitchen, money management tips that help you save and make more money, or fun ideas for female travellers in India.


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Can You Actually Save Money With DIY Projects For The Home?
DIY projects

Earlier I had thought of DIY as just a hobby. It was only when I set up my own home that I started appreciating that I can save money with DIY projects.

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An Ode To A Woman’s Elevating Accessory – The Heeled Shoes!
heeled shoes

Shoes often maketh a woman too, and heeled shoes can add inches to your confidence, especially as you take your place among women breaking barriers!

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Down With Saree Dress Codes! A Rant About The Saree With Which I Have A Love Hate Relationship!
saree dress code

Let women decide if and when they want to wear a saree. Who are the men to decide upon a saree dress code at work for women?

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7 Quick & Easy To Cook Oat Recipes Which Are Healthy And Yummy To Taste
oat recipes

7 easy to cook oat recipes which are healthy, yummy to taste and which can be whipped up in minimal time. What are you waiting for?

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Make This 3-Ingredient Healthy Apple Jam Recipe For Kids, And See Them Go “Slurp”!
healthy apple jam

You want to make a healthy snack for your kids with what you have at home, but something different. You should try this healthy apple jam recipe.

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This Easy To Make Drumstick Leaves Poha Can Be A New Addition To Your Daily Breakfast
drumstick leaves poha

Try out this drumstick leaves poha that can give a nutritious punch to your early morning breakfast. Simple and easy to make.

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Services Like Education And Healthcare Are High On Cost Today, And Will Be Higher Tomorrow!
costs of services

Costs of services like education and healthcare will rise exponentially in the next 10 years. Here is what you know to plan your finances accordingly.

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It’s Always Good To Know How To Manage Your Finances, Especially As A Woman

Want to know more about how to manage your finances as a woman? Check out these great articles on Women's Web that give a good overview of how to.

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Here’s A Quick Tip About The Art Of Investing Successfully For A Secure Future
art of investing

A little diligence can help you master the art of investing successfully, something that every woman should educate herself on.

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Pop Culture

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The Portrayal Of Muslim Women In Bollywood Is Stuck In A Time Warp, And Needs Some Serious Revamping
Muslim women in films

While the portrayal of Muslim women in films made in Bollywood has evolved over the last few decades, a lot is still left to be desired.

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‘Romantic’ Bollywood Proposals That Would Make You Lose Your Job IRL

How many times have we seen 'romantic' Bollywood proposals where a guy articulates his passion to a woman while she is in a job interview or at work?

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Dear Simran, I Loved You With Your Flaws And All…Here’s Why | Simran Movie Review

Caught Simran yet? Kangana Ranaut pulls off a wonderfully flawed protagonist - yes, women are allowed to be real human beings too.

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6 Solid Reasons Why I Recommend Going On Vacation With Girlfriends Every Year! Yes, Thank Me Later!
vacation with girlfriends

Want to reconnect with the person you are and not just the daughter-in-law/wife/mother/employee you are expected to be? Go on a vacation with girlfriends.

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Can I Travel Alone On Our City Streets? The Confessions Of An Indian Woman
safety on Indian streets

Women are breaking glass ceilings everywhere, but what about safety on Indian streets in your own city? How does the modern woman navigate these?

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7 Must Read Articles On Travel Before Getting Ready For The Post Monsoons Tourist Season
articles on travel

Gearing up for the post monsoons tourist season? Check out these fun and informative articles on travel that can nudge you out of your routine.

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