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Good Living
Better living for Indian women - whether it is through quick cooking ideas that cut your time in the kitchen, money management tips that help you save and make more money, or fun ideas for female travellers in India.


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Can You Actually Save Money With DIY Projects For The Home?
DIY projects

Earlier I had thought of DIY as just a hobby. It was only when I set up my own home that I started appreciating that I can save money with DIY projects.

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An Ode To A Woman’s Elevating Accessory – The Heeled Shoes!
heeled shoes

Shoes often maketh a woman too, and heeled shoes can add inches to your confidence, especially as you take your place among women breaking barriers!

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Down With Saree Dress Codes! A Rant About The Saree With Which I Have A Love Hate Relationship!
saree dress code

Let women decide if and when they want to wear a saree. Who are the men to decide upon a saree dress code at work for women?

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The Detox Diet By Shonali Sabherwal Gives The Reader Many Simple Hacks To A Healthier Lifestyle [#BookReview]
The Detox Diet

Aiming to clear your system of toxins that lead to many chronic illnesses? Look up The Detox Diet by Shonali Sabherwal for easy steps and tips.

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A Cup Of Subtle White Tea To Refresh You Might Be All You Need Some Days!
white tea

White tea is a highly exotic, almost magical beverage to be savored at leisure. It has a calming effect and sets the stage for conversation and relaxation.

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The Many Sinfully Delicious Besan Recipes Made In India. How Many Have You Tried?
besan recipes

Besan recipes are as numerous in India as there are dialects, and all of them are mouth-wateringly tasty, whether sweet or savoury. A look at this humble flour.

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Are We Talking About Finances In Relationships?
talking about finances

Are you talking about finances with your spouse and ensuring a safer future for the entire family? No? Time to begin, then.

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MWPA – The Married Women’s Property Act, Is Something Every Woman Should Know About!

Every woman whether homemaker or working, should know and use the MWPA act, and protect the financial interest of herself and her kids.

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It’s Time You Own Your Money And Have A Say In The Spending!
own your money

Many women earn. What, then, stops us from being active partners in the financial planning of our families? Own your money.

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5 Offbeat Places To Visit In Himachal: Skip Shimla This Summer!

Himachal Pradesh has long been on every Indian traveler’s list, but this list of places to visit in Himachal will get you itching to go again! With the much anticipated summer holidays on and the mandatory yearly escape from the clutches of the scorching sun, Himachal may not sound new to the traveler in you. […]

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Save Money, Travel More! Budget Travel Tips By #WomenOnTheMove

Travel can be an expensive affair; but there are ways to bring the costs down and make the most of it. Budget travel tips and ideas by #WomenOnTheMove.

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Why Are Indian Parents So Afraid To Let Their Daughters Travel?
let daughters travel

Travel can teach you many things about life, but Indian parents are loathe to let daughters travel, either with friends or alone!

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