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Better living for Indian women - whether it is through quick cooking ideas that cut your time in the kitchen, money management tips that help you save and make more money, or fun ideas for female travellers in India.


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The DIY Guide To Designing A Premium Wedding Card In No Time
DIY wedding card

Want a designer wedding card but do not want to pay a hefty sum to a designer? Here's how you can make a DIY wedding card to your taste.

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Why Do So Many Indian Women Look Down Upon Someone Wearing A Saree?
wearing a saree

Though I'm a modern woman, I love wearing a saree for occasions, and also sometimes just like that - and I wonder, why is it that many Indian women look down upon it?

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My (Failed?) Rendezvous With Fashion That Taught Me Something Unexpected About Myself
rendezvous with fashion

I am not a very 'fashionable' person, so when my friends pushed me to it I attempted a rendezvous with fashion that had unexpected results.

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Crunchy Outside, Mouthwateringly Yummy Inside, Make These Scotch Eggs Today!
Scotch eggs

Here is a delicious recipe for Scotch Eggs that will appeal to the Indian palate. Do make this quick snack that can also be served for breakfast.

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8 Quick And Lip-Smacking Cheese Recipes For An After-School Snack
cheese recipes

Go stack up on your mozzarellas and cheddars, because these drool-worthy cheese recipes make the ultimate snacks for your kids.

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Basant Panchami Special – How To Make Peele Meethe Chawal To Celebrate
meethe chawal

Yellow coloured Peele Meethe Chawal are made to celebrate Basant Panchami, the day of Goddess Saraswati, and the harbinger of spring in North India.

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Investing Is Not A “Boys’ Thing” – A Little Bit Of Awareness Can Pay Huge Dividends
investing habits

There's a pattern to women's investing habits - outsourcing to the spouse or father, or a professional investment consultant, instead of doing it themselves. Why?

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If Earning Money Would Bring Her Self-Respect, Then Why Wasn’t She Doing It?
earning money

Being dependent felt humiliating. She realized that earning money wasn’t only about money. It earned you respect and self-worth. #ShortStory

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Discard These 9 Excuses Many Women Give To Sidestep Active Involvement In Financial Investment
misconceptions about handling money

Women often feel that they do not have a head for numbers. This is just social conditioning, and it is time these misconceptions about handling money were discarded.

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Pop Culture

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Chak De! India – A Feminist Watch
Chak De

Chak De! India might have the secret ingredient to women empowerment that we all might have been missing for so many years! Read here.

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Julie & Julia Teaches Us How Women Can Follow Their Passions Despite All Odds
julie and julia

The movie Julie & Julia blends classic French cooking with the determination of women to rise above their odds, to make a potent cocktail. A must watch.

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Move Over ‘Sanskaari Baujis’, Bollywood Heroines Are Finally Getting Woke Dads!
queen dad

Bollywood is finally waking up to the fact that a woman's father should respect her independence and agency rather than treating her as an object of honour.

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Cheese-Making To Dolphin Watching, These 6 Farmstays In India Offer You Unique Experiences!

From cheese-making to tea- tasting, dolphin watching to milking cows, mat weaving to pottery making, farmstays in India offer a unique set of experiences to travellers.

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The Armchair Guide
armchair guide

Vimmi-ajji and Amma followed their hearts inspite of the obstacles in their lives, and here they are, the coolest grandma's the kids can ask for!

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When I Found Solace In A Lonely, Foreign Moon And The Childhood Memories Of Popsicles

The personal story of a downcast, lonely girl nostalgic for the colourful popsicles of childhood, finding solace in the silver of the moon.

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