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Better living for Indian women - whether it is through quick cooking ideas that cut your time in the kitchen, money management tips that help you save and make more money, or fun ideas for female travellers in India.


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Why Do So Many Indian Women Look Down Upon Someone Wearing A Saree?
wearing a saree

Though I'm a modern woman, I love wearing a saree for occasions, and also sometimes just like that - and I wonder, why is it that many Indian women look down upon it?

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My (Failed?) Rendezvous With Fashion That Taught Me Something Unexpected About Myself
rendezvous with fashion

I am not a very 'fashionable' person, so when my friends pushed me to it I attempted a rendezvous with fashion that had unexpected results.

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This Diwali, Buy One Of These 56 Handloom Saree Weaves And Flaunt Your Style

Sarees will never go out of fashion. Here are some unusual weaves that the author speaks so lovingly of, for all kinds of budgets. Check NOW!

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Here’s How to Make Chilly Winter Evenings Special

Burning hearth and a hot cup of coffee – are some of the things that come to the mind when we think of winter evenings. But don’t you want to make them better and special?

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Did You Know? Here Are 6 Ways Excess Of Green Tea Can Be Harmful For You
green tea

It might dishearten you, as you must feel that you have found the panacea for all illnesses, but there are side effects of green tea that can harm you. 

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Raise Your Fitness Quotient In 2018 With These 10 Diet Tips That Actually Worked For Me
diet tips

Getting fit by losing weight is an almost perpetual goal that most of us seem to be running behind. These tried and tested diet tips might actually help with the journey!

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Ladies, Make Some Smart Investment Decisions In The New Year!
smart investment decisions

Investments have always been a male-dominated area. Time to change that. Here are some tips for a woman to make smart investment decisions!

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10 Expensive Money Mistakes We Should Protect Our Wallet From

We often spend impulsively, and sometimes these expenditures can cost us a lot more - here are 10 money mistakes that can become heavy on your purse.

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This Is Why It Is Essential To Teach Your Daughters To Handle Their Own Finances
teaching girls about money

The importance of teaching girls about money cannot be stressed enough - in a country that does not do it purely for patriarchal reasons!

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Pop Culture

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Does Your Favourite TV Series From 2017 Pass The Bechdel Test Or Not? Find Out!

From The Handmaid's Tale to Riverdale to Stranger Things, let's see how many TV Series from 2017 passed the Bechdel Test! Read here.

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KJo Apologizing For Body Shaming Alia Bhatt: Too Little, Too Late?

Karan Johar may have apologised for body shaming actor Alia Bhatt, but the apology has a bunch of issues. Here's why!

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7 Fantabulous Parenting Tips From Bollywood, Cos That’s The Best Way To Learn, Isn’t It!

7 parenting tips from Bollywood - inspired straight from blockbuster movies we LOVE, which are clearly the best way to learn how to parent. Dig in!

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I Decided To Pamper Myself With A Vacation, But Changed My Mind When…
vacation stress

Does the planning and travelling on vacation stress you out? When someone asks how your vacation was, do you find yourself saying, "Hectic!" when you should be feeling relaxed? 

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Road Trip? Make Sure To Pack These 15 Essentials, Woman!
road trips

Road trips are possibly the best idea ever for the holidays. Here are some essentials that you will need, as a woman, to make the most out of it.

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For 2018, The Best Travel Quotes By Women To Encourage You To Travel {A Whole Lot} More!

These inspiring travel writers will get your itchy feet going in 2018; read on for a collection of the best travel quotes we love!

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