{VIDEO} What The Young Women Of India Demand This Independence Day

This Independence Day women demand many changes and improvements in the Indian society to make their lives better. Watch the video to know what women have got to say. 

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Feminism – No, It’s Not Complex Yet Is So Easily And Widely Misunderstood!

Everybody talks about feminism. But how many of them are aware of its true meaning and what it actually stands for?

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Manforce, Men And Women Can Be Friends Without Benefits!

The recent ad by MANforce condoms, on the occasion of friendship day, gave a whole new meaning to friendship between the opposite genders. Here is what our author feels about the same.

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8 Ridiculous Reasons Why Men Are Great Managers At Work But Suck At Home

Household work is for girls, not boys, we tell girls, while telling boys that it is their job to earn for the household. Makes for good male managers, who are helpless at home. Why?

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Some Surprising Advice On How To Be A Man – And It’s Not What You Think!

How to be a man? This is a question many boys growing up in a society that has skewed gender roles ask themselves, aiming to be macho men. Our author has a different take.

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This Truly Horrible Anti-rape Poster Shows Us We Don’t Consider Women To Be People

An anti-rape poster that went up recently has received a lot of flak and rightly so. The poster states that it's wrong to rape a woman because then by extension you rape and hurt her entire family, because she is a daughter, sister, mother etc.

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