Women entrepreneurs in India: As entrepreneurship in India takes off, learn how you can start a business and achieve your dreams.
Nidhi Agarwal
Nidhi Agarwal Of KAARYAH Took Fearless Decisions To Succeed. You Could Too! #BreakingBarriers

Here is an account of endurance and how success is driven from entrepreneur, Nidhi Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Kaaryah - a leading women's clothing line.

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How Entrepreneur Sangita Bhattacharyya Is Making Travel Enjoyable For The ‘Young At Heart’

Sangita Bhattacharyya of 50+ Voyagers went from a corporate life, to channeling her passion for travel towards organizing tours for the elderly.

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4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need A Break From The Routine
4 reasons testimonials

While being your own boss may initially seem like a lark, it can soon feel like drudgery! Here's why entrepreneurs need a break from routine - to network, learn and grow!

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Subhashini Subramaniam’s BabyBerry App Is A Boon For Busy Parents Today
Subhashini Subramaniam_cofounder BabyBerry_3

A chance experience as a busy parent who forgot about keeping track of her child's vaccinations led Subhashini Subramaniam to develop the BabyBerry app.

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Meet Entrepreneur Komal Arora Of Merry-Go-Learn Who Is Making Waves With Her Marketing Strategy
Komal Arora Merry-Go-Learn

Read on to know how entrepreneur Komal Arora is using marketing as a tool to make progress in her venture, Merry-Go-Learn.

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Meet Meenakshi Jain Whose Venture Helper4U Connects Helpers With Prospective Employers

Read on to know how Meenakshi Jain of Helper4U is helping blue collared job seekers find a respectable job with the help of technology.

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