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Counterview [#ShortStory]

Only thing, here it was two heroines instead of a hero and heroine! I was in 10th std, still a little too young to fathom what exactly was going on.

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The Secret To Becoming A Successful Stay At Home Daddy In India
stay at home daddy

The stay at home daddy is a fairly recent phenomenon even in Western countries. How does it work in India?

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Do You Have Any Idea How GST Is Hurting People With Disability?

While the government cites 5% GST on products that assist people with disability as a 'concession', what is the reality?

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I Am A Transgender Woman, But I Am Human Too!

Society cringes from transgender women, even being superstitious about them. Aren't they just as human as you or I?

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Margarita With A Straw. Be Inspired And Write For Our Muse Of The Month July 2017
margarita with a straw

Margarita With A Straw. The sexuality of the differently-abled that we tend to disregard. Use our cue from it to write your story for Muse of the Month July 2017.

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You ARE What You Speak, So Mind Your Language!
mind your language

Do you mind your language when you speak? Be aware of the words you use, as these can discriminate without you realizing it!

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