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Being Inclusive
How Can You Attract A Happy And Healthy Life For Yourself With Positive Self-Talk?

Self-talk can be very powerful - it is the inner voice that tells us what to think of ourselves, and can affect your self esteem and choices.

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These 4 Crowdfunding Campaigns By Women Made Me Go, Wowza!

Crowdfunding campaigns can work beautifully to make your cause a common cause. We show you 4 such inspiring campaigns by women. Crowdfunding is a concept that tracks back to at least a century. In crowdfunding campaigns, simply put, a group of people come together to raise money for a common cause. In India, crowdfunding is […]

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These 11 Indian Feminist Bloggers Are Making A Difference To Women’s Lives Through Digital Feminism
Indian feminist bloggers

Here is a list of some Indian feminist bloggers who write on issues pertaining to women, making a difference to their lives. How many do you know?

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A Child’s Smile Can Heal The Worst Of Wounds [#ShortStory]
a child's smile

"Her heart ached and a small tear escaped her eye. She felt a comforting hand on her shoulder, it was Shekhar, her husband."

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In An Arranged Marriage, Will You Be Willing To Marry Someone Who Is Not In Perfect Health?
arranged marriages

Perfect health in a future spouse is expected in arranged marriages. What about those otherwise wonderful human beings who we consider 'defective'?

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Saffiya Khan Confronts Racism With Unfazed Calm #LikeABoss

Saffiya Khan, a Birmingham resident, confronted racist members of the EDL party in an amazingly calm manner that has inspired other women everywhere.

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