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Why I Felt Compelled To Attend A #NotInMyName Protest In Gurgaon

If you thought the #NotInMyName protests were only for 'activist types', think again. Here is an account from an 'ordinary' citizen of a recent protest.

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Maybe Someday We Will [#ShortStory]
maybe someday we will

Her dazzling smile could brighten even the gloomiest of days. A year had passed since Nikhil had lost her. Submerged in her thoughts, he could feel knots in his stomach.

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What Children Get, Adults Don’t. Who Will Do The Learning?

What children get instinctively - acceptance - is sorely lacking in adults. Is it too late to learn?

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Counterview [#ShortStory]

Only thing, here it was two heroines instead of a hero and heroine! I was in 10th std, still a little too young to fathom what exactly was going on.

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The Secret To Becoming A Successful Stay At Home Daddy In India
stay at home daddy

The stay at home daddy is a fairly recent phenomenon even in Western countries. How does it work in India?

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Do You Have Any Idea How GST Is Hurting People With Disability?

While the government cites 5% GST on products that assist people with disability as a 'concession', what is the reality?

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