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Career Growth

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12 Themes Of Women’s Leadership Distilled From My Career
themes of womens leadership

These 12 themes of women's leadership come from lived experience in the world of work.

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Indian Women At Work: Break The Career Rut In 2015
Indian women at work

For many Indian women at work, the mid-career stage can be frustrating as personal and professional goals collide. Here’s to breaking the impasse!

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Resuming Your Career After A Break? Yes, You Can Regrow Your Wings!
Resuming your career after a break

Resuming your career after a break for motherhood is a temporary stage, not a full-stop to your ambitions. Stay ready and take off when it is time!

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36 Compelling Reasons For More Women To Turn Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be an excellent, empowering choice for women, and here are 36 compelling reasons why.

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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Grow By Learning From Competitors

Learning from competitors, especially successful businesses in your niche can help you improve your performance and take advantage of their weaknesses.

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Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur: Rashmi Singh, Moya

Rashmi Singh, an NID graduate deeply committed to the Indian craft heritage began Moya, as a way to bring innovative craft-based products to a discerning audience.

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CEO, Author, Mom: Inspiration From Apurva Purohit

Apurva Purohit, CEO of Radiocity and Author of Lady, You’re Not A Man is passionate on the topic of enabling more women to work and achieve at work.

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Bhavna Toor: Unlocking Women’s Explosive Potential
Bhavna Toor Shenomics

Bhavna Toor, the Founder of Shenomics, a success and leadership coaching platform for women, on helping women find the growth they seek at work. Before starting Shenomics to work with women, Bhavna has been mentoring entrepreneurs for the last 4 years, most recently as an entrepreneur-in-residence at the GSF Global Accelerator and previously as the CEO […]

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This Entrepreneur Couple Wants To Colour Your Tees Naturally

Sonal Baid, the Co-Founder of Aura, uses traditional Indian dyeing techniques to minimize the pollution of water. Learn more!

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Q & A

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Q&A: How To Become A Writer
How to become a writer

In this edition of the Q&A for working women in India, life coach Jaya Narayan answers a question on how to become a writer. How can someone with a flair for writing find opportunities?

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Q&A: How To Socialise At Work
how to socialise at work

In this edition of the Q&A for working women in India, life coach Jaya Narayan answers a question on how to socialise at work when there are very few women in the team

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Q&A: Reporting To Two Managers
reporting to two managers

Reporting to two managers can be tricky. In this edition of the Q&A for working women in India, life coach Jaya Narayan talks about handling dotted line reporting in a matrix organisation structure.

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Workplace Issues

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The Diversity Trap: Are Women Really Welcome In The Workplace?
women at work welcome?

Making women at workplaces welcome has to be about more than just ticking the box for 'diversity'.

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Asking These Interview Questions To Female Candidates? Please Stop!
interview questions to female candidates

Asking personal interview questions to female candidates is common and seen as 'normal', although they are neither useful nor fair.

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What The ‘Work From Home’ Concept Means, And Doesn’t!
work from home concept

Every work-from-home professional faces disbelief from a few who don't believe such a thing exists! This message goes out to them.

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