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Career Growth

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How Employee Resource Groups Can Help Break The Glass Ceiling
How to break the glass ceiling

It is difficult for a woman to break the glass ceiling alone, but Employee Resource Groups can be a very useful tool for your career.

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How To Survive And Thrive On Travel For Work

While long travel for work can be hard on working mothers, these career opportunities are often too good to miss. Here’s how to take up the challenge!

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Why You Need A Reciprocal Mentor And How to Get One
Reciprocal mentor

Finding a mentor is not easy. Here is an insightful post about finding your reciprocal mentor and creating an arrangement for success!

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More on Entrepreneurship
A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur: Swaathi K, Skcript

Swaathi Kakarla is Co-Founder at Skscript, a start-up technology firm. But here's what's interesting - while a tech entrepreneur, she is still at college.

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9 Things To Remember While Pursuing A Hobby Business And Holding Your Job

Pursuing a hobby business while holding a job is engaging, and a good source of income. Here are tips to handle a hobby business smoothly.

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Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur: Payal Gandhi Hoon, Tamarai
Payal Gandhi Hoon, Tamarai

Payal Gandhi Hoon, the Founder of Tamarai, an emotional wellness training company in Delhi NCR talks about sustaining life as an entrepreneur.

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More on Newsmakers
When’s India’s First Ironman Is A Woman : With Anu Vaidyanathan [Video]
Anu Vaidyanathan

Superheroines are real, proves Anu Vaidyanathan. Watch her talk about her journey, triumphs, and challenges in becoming India's Ironman.

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Chhavi Rajawat: The Telecom Professional Who Turned Sarpanch
chhavi rajawat

MBA graduate turned Sarpanch, Chhavi Rajawat has been working towards transforming her impoverished ancestral village in the desert state of Rajasthan to meet the 21st Century.

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Healing India Through Food: With Dr. Nandita Shah [Video]
Dr. Nanadita Shah

Dr. Nandita Shah works to heal India by correcting food patterns and abolishing myths. Here are her insights into food, healing naturally, and better health!

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Q & A

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Q&A: How To Become A Writer
How to become a writer

In this edition of the Q&A for working women in India, life coach Jaya Narayan answers a question on how to become a writer. How can someone with a flair for writing find opportunities?

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Q&A: How To Socialise At Work
how to socialise at work

In this edition of the Q&A for working women in India, life coach Jaya Narayan answers a question on how to socialise at work when there are very few women in the team

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Q&A: Reporting To Two Managers
reporting to two managers

Reporting to two managers can be tricky. In this edition of the Q&A for working women in India, life coach Jaya Narayan talks about handling dotted line reporting in a matrix organisation structure.

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Workplace Issues

More on Workplace Issues
How Creches At Indian Offices Can Empower More Women To Work
More creches at Indian offices

Women can't have it all precisely because they are responsible for too many things! Would creches at Indian offices help to level the playing field for women?

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How To Handle A Boss Who Is A Bully
How to handle a bully boss

There is no easy way to handle a boss who is a bully, but early intervention may help, rather than staying quiet and waiting for things to turn peachy.

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Is Your Male Manager Sidelining You? (And How To Deal With It)
Dealing with a male manager sidelining you

How to deal with a male manager sidelining you: Since Indian norms prevent the genders from mixing, many male managers still treat female employees warily.

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