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Career Growth

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How To Keep Your Career ‘On’ When You Need To Move For ‘Family Reasons’

Moving for your husband's or partner's job? Don't give up your career yet! Career continuity resources for working women in India.

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How To Say No At Work: Lessons From The Women’s Web #StepAbove Chat
#StepAbove chats

Saying No is difficult especially if it is at work but the repercussions are huge as it hampers efficiency. Read on to know more about what #WomenatWork in India think.

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34 Compelling Topics For Business Blogs To Keep You Going A Whole Year!

It’s important to update your business blog regularly. So, here’s a free list of topics for business blogs - use these for the next one year!

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Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur: Bhumika Anand, Bangalore Writers Workshop
Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 8.11.56 am

Bhumika Anand, once a cubicle dweller, found her home at the Bangalore Writers Workshop (BWW). This is her story in the world of words.

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There Is No Plan B For An Entrepreneur: Shalini Singh, Galvanise PR
Shalini Singh Galvanise PR

Shalini Singh is the Founder of not one but two businesses – Galvanise PR and Speakers MIC. How does she do it? Listen to her story.

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3 Truths About Entrepreneurship That #BreakingBarriers Reinforced For Me

What do you know about life as an entrepreneur? Here are some truths about entrepreneurship that every aspiring entrepreneur should know!

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Meet Gul Panag, The Original Livewire

In this interview with Gul Panag, the actor, activist, traveller, politician, fitness enthusiast talks of how she attacks life head-on taking up many challenges.

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Aarefa Johari: Let’s Put An End To Female Genital Mutilation
Aarefa Johari

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is an act that violates the rights of young girls and women. Aarefa Johari speaks out against this tradition fearlessly.

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Nungshi And Tashi Malik: Making Us Proud At The North Pole
Nungshi and Tashi Malik

An interview with Nungshi and Tashi Malik, women with big dreams, and the world’s first twins to climb the ‘big seven’ summits.

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Q & A

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Q&A: How To Become A Writer
How to become a writer

In this edition of the Q&A for working women in India, life coach Jaya Narayan answers a question on how to become a writer. How can someone with a flair for writing find opportunities?

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Q&A: How To Socialise At Work
how to socialise at work

In this edition of the Q&A for working women in India, life coach Jaya Narayan answers a question on how to socialise at work when there are very few women in the team

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Q&A: Reporting To Two Managers
reporting to two managers

Reporting to two managers can be tricky. In this edition of the Q&A for working women in India, life coach Jaya Narayan talks about handling dotted line reporting in a matrix organisation structure.

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Workplace Issues

More on Workplace Issues
Negotiating For A Better Salary: Women @ Work #StepAbove Chat

Negotiating for a better salary is something research shows women do less of. We learn from the experiences of other women at work in this #StepAbove tweetathon.

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The Work From Home Concept: How Easy Is It For A Woman To Work From Home?
is it easy to work from home

The Work From Home (WFH) concept is portrayed as being the best of two worlds, but is it really that easy to work from home?

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Working Woman’s Dilemma: Boardroom or Playroom?

A working woman's dilemma. Priority and balance are the keywords in a working mother's heart. How do you manage? Let's read our author's thoughts on this.

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