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When Did We Lose The Connect In Our Marriage?

She was feeling trapped with all the emotions bottled up inside her. She wanted to share everything with Sagar, but the fear of rejection from him was scaring her.

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Dolled Up Bahus & Devious MILs – But Where Are The Real Women?
real women on TV

At least in the early days of cable TV, we had some real women on TV, with shades of grey. What we get now are unrealistic cardboard cutouts that are nothing but stereotypes.

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I Lost A Dear Friend As We Kept In Touch Only On Social Media, Not Real Life

Friendships, relationships, cannot survive unless we make the effort to 'be there' for them in all their ups and downs. Communicating on social media is just not good enough.

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Am I Setting Up My Daughter For Heartache By Giving Her A Rosy, Unrealistic View Of Life?

A mother wonders: Am I doing the right thing by asking my daughter to focus on her career? Or will she be faced with the same dilemma as me, because boys are not brought up feminist?

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The Mumbaichi Bhajiwali, Who Taught Me To Be Positive And Market My Skills Best!

My bhajiwali, who is a working mother, taught me an important lesson in positivity, managing time, and marketing, that I had forgotten as a stay at home mom taking a break from work.

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Dream. Make The Present Beautiful And Your Future Will Naturally Be Taken Care Of

31 things that the author would want to share with everyone as she turns 31 - a whole bunch of interesting and empowering ideas to talk about.

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