work-life balance
why me
Why Me?

#Poetry. Why me? Asks this working mother wishing to be at home, then compares herself to a friend who wanted to work but could not.

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Women Carry More Of The Household Burden Even In Double Income Families. Is This Fair?
household burden

The household burden is often skewed in most homes - but maybe you should expect a more equitable distribution if you are an earning member too?

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5 Lazy Mom Hacks That Helped Me Be A Smart Mom, And Saved My Sanity
lazy mom

A mom is supposed to be a multitasking tornado, but you need to be a lazy mom for your own sanity at times. Here are 5 hacks that will help you out.

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You Don’t Need To Be A Super Human Being. Being Human Is Enough!
super human

Is it necessary that everyone be good at everything? Isn't it enough to just be good enough without trying to be a super human being?

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You’re A Mom. How Do You Decide If You Want To Be An SAHM Or Working Mom?
SAHM or working mom

How do you choose between being an SAHM or working mom? Simple. You do what you really, really, really want to do!

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Why Is Treating Yourself To Something You Enjoy So Important?
treating yourself

Giving yourself the importance you deserve, and treating yourself to something that you like once in a while is essential. Because you're worth it!

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