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how pregnancy changed me
A Woman Does Not Cease To Be An Individual When She Gets Pregnant!

They say pregnancy is a life changing event. I found that it not only changed me, but it also how I saw the world, and made me realize the importance of feminism.

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Sounds Illogical, But Sharing A Selfie Means That YOU Are In Charge… Find Out How!
selfies are empowering

Selfies give women the agency on how they want to be seen, instead of how others see them. In this context, I'd say selfies are empowering to women.

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As A Victim Of Abuse, I Could Relate To The Characters In These 3 Feminist Movies

The author discusses three movies that brought out the ironies of a misogynistic society. She could relate to the women characters as she herself is a survivor of abuse.

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Recent Trolling Of Sunny Leone For Family Pic Shows OUR Discomfort With Bold, Unapologetic Women
Sunny Leone trolled

Sunny Leone trolled recently for a family photo posted online shows how people have a problem with strong, unapologetic women who want to lead lives on their own terms!

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32-26-32? Let’s Flaunt Our ‘Imperfect’ Selves Instead!

Women are exposed to rigid and narrow standards of beauty early on. It's high time we take a stand against these unrealistic notions of body image and break free.

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Our Pregnancy Is Our Pregnancy, None Of Your Pregnancy!

Get married, and a woman is promptly asked when the 'good news' is going to be! But a woman is more than her womb, and has the right to decide when she wants a child. A witty look at this.

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