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hair loss
My Boldness About My Baldness – Overcoming The Shaming Over Hair Loss

My Crowning Glory…is my attitude to OPO—Other People’s Opinions about my hair loss. Whether it’s thinning, falling or greying hair, it’s just keratin—a dead protein. It doesn’t define me.

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When My Trip To Koh Samui In Thailand Hit Me With A Triple Whammy!
Koi Samui

A recent visit to Koh Samui in Thailand made me question certain things about myself, and the way I have taken these things for granted until now.

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Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai?

#Poetry. Breasts. Why are these so sexualised that a girl/woman cannot go through life without lust filled eyes and hands of men touching them?

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Finally, She Slept [#ShortStory]
finally, she slept

She remembered how much joy little children had brought to her big family, but this little guy only made her miserable. Was she the monster or was he?

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Playing The Kaikottikali [#Winner]

“Have you checked your size? You can’t even move from this room to the other without wobbling and you’re gonna play Kaikottikali in front of that huge audience? Unbelievable!"

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And She Shut The Door [#Winner]
and she shut the door

"What has Akash done himself to give you time for some self care? He wants you to take complete responsibility of the child and then wants you to be the trophy wife whom he can boast of?"

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