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sex during pregnancy
Of Sex During Pregnancy, Porn, And Long, Sexless Months

Husbands might be miss the sex during pregnancy of their wives, but is that a free pass for using porn, without any thought for the wife's sexual needs?

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Back Off. Just Leave Me Alone. Period!

Periods. I think we owe ourselves the time and comfort of not being bothered by others when our hormonal swings are murder. Don't you think so?

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Now That The Padman Brouhaha Is Over, It’s Time To Think Of Menstrual Hygiene!
padman challenge

While making a movie about menstrual hygiene and publicizing it is a praise worthy move, is it enough to remove the lack of awareness around menstruation?

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Instead Of Victim Blaming, Let’s Put An End To Rape Culture By Punishing The Rapists
punish the rapists

Are we getting desensitized to the concept of 'rape'? Rape happens because of rapists, hence, let's stop the victim blaming and address the root cause.

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[#Poetry] I Know How To Wink, I Know How To Smile

Society truly progresses when women can freely express themselves, be it through a wink or a smile.This poem explores a woman's agency over her expressions.

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Will Low Cost Sanitary Napkins Have An Adverse Impact On Menstrual Health? Here’s My Take
poor women

We cannot sacrifice quality while providing low cost sanitary napkins to rural women as that might ultimately hurt the cause of their menstrual hygiene.

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