The Ambubachi Mela Begins: Here’s To Celebrating (?) Menstruation

Celebrating fertility, worshiping the Yoni and revering menstruation- the source and giver of life. Read on to find more about the Ambubachi Mela.

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A New Beginning [#ShortStory]
a new beginning

Sometimes people discover it late in life like you did. Also in our case it’s not just about physical pleasure it’s about the emotional connect we share that transcends everything else.

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Of Arranged Marriages And The Underlying Tales That Are The Bane Of A Single Girl’s Life!
arranging a marriage

As a woman crosses a certain age, everybody and their aunt gets interested in arranging a marriage for her. A hilarious personal account.

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The Empty Nest [#ShortStory]
The Empty Nest

Her youngest son had a girlfriend. She had come to know that the duo had gone to Goa together. How could she accept a daughter-in-law who was so open-minded?

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It Was My Choice To Quit My Career And Stay At Home As A Mom. No Regrets!
quitting a career

Quitting a career to be home with my child is one of the best decisions I have taken, and here's why I do not regret it one bit!

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Wish Pillows Could Answer… [#ShortStory]
if pillows could answer

Nisha didn’t expect this reaction from her mother. She looked at her father for support. He looked at her mother and said, “Girls shouldn’t be given so much of freedom."

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Get me more such stereotypes!

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