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I Was A Hesitant Scuba Diver But Overcame My Shyness To Discover The Ocean’s Treasures

The author vividly describes her experience with scuba diving and how it is liberating for her. She believes we should never be afraid of following our passions.

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Sanju Glorified For Being A ‘Stud’ But A ‘Sanjana’ Called A ‘Slut’, Because…

The trailer of the upcoming film Sanju has outraged several people because it is a prime example of double standards for men and women.

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No, My Saasu Is Not My Maa, And That’s Actually A Good Thing!

My mother-in-law cannot be my mother, who holds a special place in my life. But we can work towards a unique relationship if we recognise each other as individuals.

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Only If I’ve Actually HAD A Life
motm winner 1 June 2018

It seemed strange that Amma could have an existence independent of Appa. Did her mother even have a personality of her own, or opinions that weren’t her father’s? She didn’t know.

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Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban On Women Driving: Too Little To Cheer For?

Saudi Arabia has recently lifted the notorious women driving ban. But, will this actually bring about a change in the state of Saudi women given that the preposterous 'Male Guardianship Law' still exists?

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7 Reasons Why I’m Not Ready For A Baby; Let The (Biological) Clock Tick!

Those who have an opinion on whether I should have a child or not, back off, and let me decide for myself! It is my life, my body, my choice, my decision.

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