Daughters Too Have A Right To Be The Heir Of Their Parents Who Cares For Them In Old Age

Gender inequality in Indian society skews the rights of daughters against those of sons. After all, why can't a daughter be the heir who cares for her family and parents?

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Of Sex During Pregnancy, Porn, And Long, Sexless Months
sex during pregnancy

Husbands might be miss the sex during pregnancy of their wives, but is that a free pass for using porn, without any thought for the wife's sexual needs?

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The Frightening Fairy Tale [#ShortStory]
the frightening fairy tale

“Oh that explains a lot. That’s why, when Mama asked you to put away your toys, you suddenly started getting so angry and being stubborn, and then you started refusing to help with any household chores."

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AIB Schooled On Selectively Using Women In Their Sketches; Their Response? Classy!

AIB was criticized in a video for selectively using women in their sketches. The video was pertinent and AIB gracefully reacted to it accepting the problem.

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Get Real, Boys! No Girl Owes You A ‘Yes’ Just Because You Think So

For the modern age where we just can’t accept a "NO" and being relegated to the friend zone can be the 'worst' thing a woman can do to a man...

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The Witching Hour [#ShortStory]
the witching hour

Aru imagined the sigh as a big dust ball accumulating inside her for years. There was a mixture of anger and regret in it. Aru wondered if she too would sigh like that years later.

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