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Sexism in India: What is Sexism? Discrimination and lack of opportunities because of gender, whether at home or work as seen and narrated by women
Online Harassment — Threaten, Intimidate, Bully — Try If You Must But You Cannot Stop Us!

Behind the veil of anonymity, online harassment is rampant but women are not having any of it now. A word of caution from #WomenOnTheMove

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From DDLJ To Piku: The Hindustani Ladki Ki Izzat Has Come A Long Way
her sexual needs

She might marry later in life, but does that mean the Indian woman should ignore her sexual needs? For what? Societal judgement and parental disapproval?

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Man In Uniform Condemns Vidya Balan With A Misogynistic Poem And We Stand Against It!
army jawan shamed Vidya Balan

In response to Vidya Balan's recent statement about an army jawan ogling her breasts when she was in college, another jawan does something even more disgusting.

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There Can Be A Harvey Weinstein Wherever Men Can Use Their ‘Absolute’ Power To Change Destinies
Harvey Weinstein

It is chilling to realise how the creepy actions of Harvey Weinstein had permeated Hollywood, causing many to turn a blind eye to what should have been evident.

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Bro, This Is Why We Men Should Talk About Menstruation!
menstrual hygiene

As a man writing about social issues, it might be a bit unexpected for me to be talking about menstrual hygiene, but I think it is a necessary conversation.

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Accusing Us Of Feminist Paranoia? Here’s Why It Is Necessary!
feminist paranoia

Are you ever told you are too touchy over (sexist) jokes and suffer from feminist paranoia? Here's how you counter all those telling you to "chill".

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