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Sexism in India: What is Sexism? Discrimination and lack of opportunities because of gender, whether at home or work as seen and narrated by women
how pregnancy changed me
A Woman Does Not Cease To Be An Individual When She Gets Pregnant!

They say pregnancy is a life changing event. I found that it not only changed me, but it also how I saw the world, and made me realize the importance of feminism.

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Recent Trolling Of Sunny Leone For Family Pic Shows OUR Discomfort With Bold, Unapologetic Women
Sunny Leone trolled

Sunny Leone trolled recently for a family photo posted online shows how people have a problem with strong, unapologetic women who want to lead lives on their own terms!

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Anushka Sharma Told To Have “Etiquette And Politeness” By Man Who Litters

Actor Anushka Sharma was at the receiving end of numerous trolls and internet memes when she stopped a man from throwing litter on the road. Seriously?

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Bollywood, Your Double Standards Show You Up With ‘Sanju’! #SlowClap

The trailer of the upcoming film Sanju has outraged several people because it is a prime example of double standards for men and women.

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Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban On Women Driving: Too Little To Cheer For?

Saudi Arabia has recently lifted the notorious women driving ban. But, will this actually bring about a change in the state of Saudi women given that the preposterous 'Male Guardianship Law' still exists?

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I Kept Asking, “Why Me?” When It Should’ve Been, “Why Did He?”

Just being a girl or a woman is enough - men consider them fair game. But it matters what question we ask - instead of blaming her, ask: why did he?

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