rape culture
make them strong
Yes, I Am Angry, And So Should You Be!

#Poetry. Stop telling your daughters, wives, sisters, to 'cover up' because men outside cannot hold themselves in. Make them strong, don't tell them to hide.

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Actress Expressing Opinion = ‘Feminachi’ But Rape Threats Should Be Permitted As ‘Free Speech’?
Parvathy given rape threats

Award winning Malayalam actress Parvathy given rape threats for her opinion on misogyny in Malayalam cinema, but her trolls are protected for 'free speech'!

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Sahib And The Widow [ShortStory]
sahib and the widow

“Then give me what I need, Saritha.” He spoke, a rueful smile already lining his lips, his confidence along with his desire reared, knowing that the outcome would be exactly what he wanted it to be.

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Stalking: Stronger Deterrents Are Needed To Tackle This Epidemic Of Bollywood Style ‘Love’
criminalisation of stalking

Bollywood style 'love' is toxic, unacceptable, and encroaches upon a woman's right to consent. Criminalisation of stalking is imperative.

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As An Indian Woman, Here’s How My Aadhaar Card Could Put Me In Very Real Danger
Aadhaar card

The Aadhaar card can be more sinister for women than we realise, because we are already marginalised. Want to find out how? Read on.

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Will This New Year’s Eve Again Be A Horror Filled One?
New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is around the corner. However, instead of getting excited, we have started to dread this event, as most of them end with horrifying molestation stories.

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Get me more such rape culture!

IMAGINE: A world that values children

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