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As A Victim Of Abuse, I Could Relate To The Characters In These 3 Feminist Movies

The author discusses three movies that brought out the ironies of a misogynistic society. She could relate to the women characters as she herself is a survivor of abuse.

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Recent Sexual Harassment Reports In Rashtrapati Bhavan Show No Place Is Safe For Women

Reports of harassment against women employees at Rashtrapati Bhavan have surfaced recently. Makes us wonder if harassment laws can actually protect women in India.

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Recent Trolling Of Sunny Leone For Family Pic Shows OUR Discomfort With Bold, Unapologetic Women
Sunny Leone trolled

Sunny Leone trolled recently for a family photo posted online shows how people have a problem with strong, unapologetic women who want to lead lives on their own terms!

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With The Ugly Memories Of My City

Perhaps this was why Naheed had chosen not to confide even in us; she may have thought we would not trust her too and continued to bear the agony alone.

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Just A Bunch Of Girls Trying To Stand On Our Own Two Feet

I tried to calm them but it was as if their worst fears were coming true. Sleep eluded us and next morning we went to the local police station to file a complaint. Our Muse of the Month series this year focus on stories that pass the Bechdel test, and are written on inspiration from […]

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I Kept Asking, “Why Me?” When It Should’ve Been, “Why Did He?”

Just being a girl or a woman is enough - men consider them fair game. But it matters what question we ask - instead of blaming her, ask: why did he?

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