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women's harassment
#MeToo Has Created Awareness Of Sexual Crimes. Now It Is The Government’s Turn Take Concrete Action

#MeToo has been a great social movement for awareness. Now the ball is in the government's court to take concrete action against women's harassment.

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Hear Me ROAR: When A Woman Says NO, It Means NO!

Powerful poetry that narrates the tale of a woman's consent in a relationship from being strangers to marital rape. When a woman says NO it's a NO!

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As Indian Women We Mustn’t Stay ‘Chup’ About Our Open Secret: Internalised Sexism #BookReview
Chup by Deepa Narayan

Deepa Narayan's extraordinary book Chup should be the springboard for Indian women to introspect and break the silence around gender inequality.

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Holi Has Become An Excuse To Molest Women And So I Stopped Playing It!
sad woman

Holi has become an excuse to harass and molest women and hence, I refuse to participate in this festival. Let's demand an end to this toxic culture.

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As A Child, I Was Molested During Holi. This Makes Me Fear For My Little Daughter!
holi priyanka akshay

Holi triggers unpleasant memories in many Indian women. This author recollects her trauma during Holi as a child, which makes her scared for her daughter.

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Sridevi, Syria, And Semen: The Shocking Headlines Dominating Our Timelines And Minds!
Sridevi syria semen

Some hard hitting news shook our collect consciousness and unveiled the dirtiness of yellow journalism in India. Let's pause and reflect.

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