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A Mother’s Work Is Never Done!

Nitu looked thoughtful, “But something happened, didn’t it ? You came home pouting and angry. And, didn’t talk to Amma for two full days.”

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A Small Step For Moms Like Me, A Big Step For Motherhood Everywhere!
how her child should be named

A mom takes a stand on how her child should be named, convincing the establishment in her small way - and that this should be the norm everywhere.

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6 Ways You Can Best Use Your Maternity Break To Stay Relevant In A ‘Non-Mommy’ World
maternity break

Feeling stressed due to the loss of a 'working woman' identity as you're on a maternity break? Here's how you can help yourself cope and learn new things.

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I Breastfed My Daughter For 3 Years, Despite The Backlash From “Well-Wishers”!
late weaning

Breastfed children are weaned once they become old enough to eat everything the family eats. But what if a mother believes in late weaning? How does society react?

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Big Life Lessons That Are Held In Small Hands
small hands

This is a poetic take on the daily travails of new mothers, and how much one can learn from just observing your own children.

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When Grandma Told Me The Startling Truth About My Sister’s Work As A Surrogate Mom

To this, I said many mean things. Making a business around motherhood cannot possibly be about spreading love and happiness. Several people agreed with my notions. I must be right.

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