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5 Amazing Indian Women In The Education Sector Reaching Out To Students, With A Difference

From women being kept away from an education to having some revolutionary women in the education sector in India, we have come a long way!

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I Dream Of My Daughter’s Marriage Too, But Just A Little Differently…
parent of a girl

I refuse to be put at a 'disadvantage' just because I'm the parent of a girl. It is time we looked differently at marriage and its traditions.

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Are A Few Avani Chaturvedis Enough To Make Us Feel The Job Of Women Empowerment Is Done?
a few women achievers

The recent past has given us enough reasons to feel proud about a few women achievers. As we gear up for International Women's Day 2018 tomorrow, should we be complacent?

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Pad-Woman Maya: Many Rural Women In India Still Use Husk, Sand To Absorb Menstrual Blood #IWD2018

Maya Vishwakarma is also called Pad-Jiji by the tribal and village girls and women she educates on the nuances of taking care during menstruation.

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Papon May Be A Celebrity, But There’s Zero Excuse For Kissing A 11 y.o
papon csa

Popular media's silence around Papon's molestation of an 11-year-old is shameful. We cannot defend child abusers under the pretext of their celebrityhood!

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This Documentary Showed Why Women, As Children, Stay Silent About Sexual Abuse
sexual abuse

A recent documentary screening in Delhi featured women who have experienced child sexual abuse. Their healing journey contains lessons for all of us.

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