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And That Will Be My Guru Dakshina!

So many of us have been touched by your presence in our lives, at a vulnerable time in our lives. A time when we could have been led astray or felt deficient or just different. 

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When Did We Lose The Connect In Our Marriage?
lose the connect

She was feeling trapped with all the emotions bottled up inside her. She wanted to share everything with Sagar, but the fear of rejection from him was scaring her.

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Dolled Up Bahus & Devious MILs – But Where Are The Real Women?
real women on TV

At least in the early days of cable TV, we had some real women on TV, with shades of grey. What we get now are unrealistic cardboard cutouts that are nothing but stereotypes.

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And She Decided To Break Free Of The Chains Of Her Mind

"My husband has not abused me physically but his sense of control and command over my daughter’s and my life had become like chains tied around our feet."

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Murder In The Woods, She Said

And now we had no network as well. Going back in the reverse direction was the only thing that we could do. Just as Aditya started reversing the car, I heard a scream.

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Just A Simple Love Story… With A Twist

That night also, I went to my sister and told her what happened. She stroked my head while I cried myself to sleep. Only she knew what I was going through.

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