The mother's goodbye
The Mother’s Goodbye [#ShortStory]

My baby was my mother now. As my fingers brushed across my flat chest, I felt as if all the signs of motherhood were slowly eroding from my body.

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Despite The Gender I Feel I Am [#ShortStory]
despite the gender I feel I am

So what if my body didn’t reflect my desired gender? I wondered why my sexual preferences bothered others so much. Was it a crime if I didn’t feel like a woman?

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The Stalker [#ShortStory]

Now she wouldn't have to worry about her creepy stalker. He would never dare do something with this other guy around. She smiled cheerfully at the man in the suit and then she gasped.

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Then Where Did It Go Wrong? [#ShortStory]
where did it go wrong

But Papa, he is not a good person. He beats me, exploits me physically and emotionally. I never said a word Papa because you asked me to be the good girl.

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Mine [#ShortStory]

Should I be the one, always adjusting and conforming to what is ‘Kosher’? Why can’t I be accepted and left alone? I am neither abnormal nor abominable. I just am!

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I Quit! What Now? Is A Funny Look At An Indian Woman Quitting Work For The ‘Wrong’ Reasons
I Quit! Now What?

I Quit! Now What? by Zarreen Khan is a humorous story of a woman who takes a sabbatical not for maternity, not for higher studies, but just like that. Here is an intriguing extract from the book.

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