Do You Know What The Dark Abyss Of Depression Feels Like Inside? It’s Killing!

A searing look at how depression feels inside that will make you re-think all the advice we give a depressed person, to try and cheer up.

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The Real Reason Why The Disorder Known As ‘Split Personality’ Is More Common In Women
dissociative identity disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder, (or DID, earlier called Multiple Personality Disorder) is more common in women, as it is often a result of childhood sexual abuse that almost 20% of girls face.

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Breathe-Run-Breathe-Run…And She Ran Her Way Out Of Depression!

She reached out to her best friend one day. Over cups of chai and cookies, she poured her heart out. ‘Saanvi, what you are feeling is much more common than you think’, her friend said.

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A Young Widow’s Grief Lies Heavy On Me, But I Have To Go On For My Son

The author lost a beloved husband in her early 30s, needing to be strong, she sometimes wears a mask, giving in to her grief when music moves her.

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At A Very Dark Time In My Life, I Survived Only Because Of My Women Friends
female friendships

Women's friendships are crucial to their lives - these often lift one up and sustain us in dark times. A touching personal account.

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3 Steps That Can Create Powerful Happy Memories To Keep Dementors At Bay
happy memories

Happy memories can keep away the darkness inside us, give us strength when we need it. Can you actually create a 'bank' of happy memories you can draw on to keep the Dementors at bay? 

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