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A Letter To My Father-In-Law: From Doctor Uncle To Doctor Papa

On Father's Day, a daughter-in-law writes a poignant letter to her father-in-law who is no more. She misses her for being the father figure that he was. 

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I Miss You Daddy More Than I Can Say…
Father's Day

On Father's Day, a daughter writes a heartfelt tribute to her father, whom she lost five years ago. This one will touch the farthest corners of your heart.

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My Father, My Hero, Who Did Not Give Up On Me!

Father's Day is just around the corner. A daughter writes a heartfelt tribute to her father who means the world to her.

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The Problems Of Raising A Feminist Child In Today’s World

Want to raise feminist children? Feminist writer Chaimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks about the various challenges one faces in a society rooted in gender stereotypes. 

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Aamir Khan Trolled For A Playful Picture With Daughter: Seriously? Grow Up, People!
Aamir Khan trolled for pic

Aamir khan was recently trolled for posting a candid picture with his daughter for being 'obscene' and 'promiscuous' The writer feels otherwise and reminisces about her own bond with her dad.

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Thank You Mom And Dad For Helping Me Hold On To My Freedom Of Choice!

A daughter expresses her gratitude to her parents for giving her an upbringing that made her realize the importance of equality and gave her the freedom of choice.

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