enjoy my drink
Yes, I Enjoy My Drink… And Being A Woman Has Nothing To Do With It!

A contrary view by the author on the controversial statement by Manohar Parrikar that has most feminists in arms against the stereotyping.

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Saved By The Bell Curve [#ShortStory]
bell curve

Ma’am was telling another ma’am that our school shouldn’t put children like me with the nor-mal ones. Because of dis-trac-tion. What does that mean?

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A Bride’s Farewell Holds Some Questions That Need Answers
bride's farewell

A bride's farewell at her bidai is often tearful, with myriad thoughts, doubts, and questions clustering in her mind, struggling to get some answers.

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I Couldn’t Feel Love For My Son On The Day He Was Born. But Then, Something Extraordinary Happened
love my son

Yes! I love my son but I have earned this feeling. I couldn't feel this love on the day he was born, because I was consumed by my own pain & discomfort.

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“Kya Bahu Kabhi Beti Ban Sakti Hai?” An Honest Answer To This Question
loved like a daughter

Can a daughter-in-law be loved like a daughter is loved? A candid answer to this dubious (and probably unsavoury?) question is “NO”.

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Toh Kya Aap Ab Bhi Ladki Ke Ghar Ka Paani Tak Nahi Peeyenge?
daughter's parents

In this age where women are at par with men in all respects, why do we still cling to the outdated idea of the 'superiority' of the ladke vaale over the daughter's parents?

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Get me more such daughters!

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