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no difference
Girl Or Boy, No Difference! Or Is There?

#Poetry. New age parents claim there is no difference between daughters and sons. Really? Even today, doesn't the trajectory of a girl's life follow tradition?

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When My Grandfather Began His Stories With “Beta Hamare Zamane Mein Toh…” – It Was Magic!

The author speaks of her childhood memories of a loved grandfather, a man in his 90s today, who has stories to tell -- “Beta hamare zamane mein toh…”

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This Is Why It Is Essential To Teach Your Daughters To Handle Their Own Finances
teaching girls about money

The importance of teaching girls about money cannot be stressed enough - in a country that does not do it purely for patriarchal reasons!

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Can An Indian Daughter In Law Ever Be Considered Equal To A Daughter?
equality for all

We often deny daughters in law the opportunities and choices that we encourage our daughters in. We need equality for all if there is to be a real change!

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No, I’m Not Done Grieving Her Loss – And Maybe I Never Will Be
woman cannot grieve for long

Why an Indian woman cannot grieve for long – when she has so many responsibilities as a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, how dare she think only of her grief?

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Why Does Jane Austen Still Appeal To Young Women Like Us Even After 200 Years?
Jane Austen

Author of only six major English novels set in 18th century British middle-class society; lived more than 200 years ago. Isn’t it intriguing why Jane Austen still attracts young women?

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