dark complexioned woman
“What’s Her Complexion?” When Will We Stop Asking This Question About A Prospective Daughter In Law?

We equate fair with beautiful, and a dark complexioned woman is considered to be not beautiful by default. When will this change?

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A Tale Of Those 15 Minutes [#ShortStory]
facial hair

To all those women who have facial hair and know exactly which 15 minutes I'm talking about.

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Let Children Have Their Wonder Years – Skip This Obsession With Looks!
obsession with looks

The obsession with looks and fashion that today's teens and even younger children have as a result of media exposure is a sad trend, taking away their carefree childhood.

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When A Pimple Reminded Me Of A Simple Lesson In Parenting
to be accepting

A pimple brought home to me the fact that as a parent I need to teach my child to be accepting of everyone as they are, and stereotypes have no place.

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5 Things That Men Who Date, Need To Have Courage To Do
men who date

Yes, we like dating, but not some of the creeps who come with it! To make it a safe and respectful experience, here are 5 things that men who date need to know.

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I Am Proud Of My Daughter, And Her Body Color Has Nothing To Do With Her Marriage!
body color

How does it matter what a woman's body color is? How does that determine her life or future? It is time we stopped judging women based on these outdated ideas.

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