darkness to light
From Darkness To Light: A Fairy Tale

Here’s a final piece of advice. Don’t ask for the moon… reach out for it. And if you believe in yourself, you will get there. March along determinedly towards your goals. Let the light in you shine through

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Can’t We Let Sridevi’s Soul Rest In Peace, Instead Of Shredding It To Pieces?
Sridevi's death

Sridevi's death has led to relentless speculations regarding her lifestyle and health. Can't we offer a bit more grace and dignity to the departed soul?

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“Haters Gonna Hate, You Do YOU!”: What Mom Told Me About My ‘Brown’-ing Glory

As a kid, my skin tone was either treated like it was the only thing that defined me or that it didn’t exist. I was told “Oh, no. You’re not dark-skinned.”

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Those Sweet Little Things Called ‘Love’
love is

When Love is hidden in the nooks and crannies of sweet little things. A poem inspired by the way the writer experiences Valentine's Day.

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Judge Not My Scars – They Speak Of My Life

Every woman is beautiful, and if there are scars, these speak of their life and what they have experienced. They make them beautiful inside out!

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Why The Next #MeToo Crusade Needs To Be About Celebrating Being Fat And Beautiful
fat and beautiful

I am fat and beautiful, even if I am judged. What matters is that I feel completely comfortable with my body, and that is what I mean to teach my girls too!

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