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Women’s Web brings to you highly curated products from the vast repertoire of online shopping for women in India. From feminine hygiene products to women’s wear and accessories, to interesting new reads and useful products for your work avatar, we curate from the fast expanding online shopping for women in India, and make it easier for you to take your pick!

The Edifice - Laptop Bags


Check out this designer ikat laptop bag by The Postbox and move your work to a higher level. The laptop bag has 1 compartment, 1 outer pocket and 1 detachable strap.


Kunti's Confessions & Other Short Stories


Queen Mother Kunti reflects on her life as a pawn in the hands of time. A revolutionary warrior mulls over the choices she has made.  These 15 stories by women reflect some of the quiet joys as well as deepest fears of Indian women today.


The Lady Mug - Chungi


The Lady Mug is a mug specially made for holding tea/coffee to rejuvenate you. Made of glazed ceramic , these beautifully printed Mugs are a treat to serve in. Chungi is a brand that works with artisans across India.


Around The World With Kids


You may have been a footloose traveler, but did the arrival of kids make you pause and re-think your travel plans? Around The World With Kids is a super-practical travel guide which will help kids LEARN about these cities in a unique traveler way! With 20 mom guides  who have ‘been there, done that’!


Femy Menstrual Pads


Femy pads are feminine hygiene products made of 100% cotton fabrics. It consists of 9 layers of absorbable greige cotton flannel fabric inside and printed cotton fabric outside (no plastic!). A snap button on its wings aids in fastening the pads.


Office Wear Jewelry


A lovely collection of jewellery suitable for everyday wear at work! Check out these simple and stylish designs for today’s women.


Curated For You In Personal

Check out these quality feminine hygiene products and wellness products especially curated for you. Enjoy. Click to browse.

Feeling pregnant? These products will definitely help you in your beautiful motherhood journey. Pre and post baby products highly recommended by us. Click to browse.

Curated For You In Good Living

If you are a Women’s Web kind of woman, you will love these specially curated decor products. Click to browse.

Cooking is essential for life (well, unless you are on a raw food diet!) These curated products will make your kitchen all the more exciting to be in! Click to browse.

Curated For You In Work

We know your career is important for you and now it is time to look the part as well. Check out this range of interesting products that you would love to take to work. Click to browse.

Here is the answer for the eternal question, What will I wear to work today? Curated products from Women’s Web with some casual friday dresses to complete your wardrobe. Click to browse.

Curated For You In Books

Need to update your bookshelf or kindle. Check out our recommendations in fiction. Let us know if you want any book added. Click to browse.

We have non fiction books covered for you as well. Here are our recommendations. Some empowerment is definitely in store. Click to browse.


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