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Women’s Web is THE place for Women Who Do – who believe that the world is their oyster, and are working to take their place in it; for women who are engaged with the world, have opinions and are not afraid to share them. Our aim is to have many diverse, progressive voices, speaking and learning from each other in a supportive environment.We are an India focused website, chronicling the story of Indian women today. Learn more about our story, and what we do, at our About Us page.
Who can write at Women’s Web?


We welcome contributions from women (and men) who are supportive of women’s efforts to learn, grow and succeed – often in challenging/ changing environments.

However, if you support status quo or believe that “things as they are” should not be questioned, you may not be a good fit for us.

You are a genuine reader, who wants to share her (or his) experiences and insights for the benefit of the community here.

We do not accept submissions purely for the purpose of building SEO backlinks or advertising your business. [If that is your interest, please check our Advertise page instead]

You may or may not be a writer professionally, but can put forward your ideas in a manner that is easily understandable to an average reader.
What topics does Women’s Web feature?


Currently, we cover a range of topics of interest to our readers include Careers/Work, Women Achievers, Parenting, Relationships, Wellness, Books, Travel, Gender and Social Issues.

These are the kinds of pieces we publish:

These are meant for busy women like us balancing work, home, interests, and trying to achieve our goals. We are also open to experts who would like to write on a particular topic, for e.g. if you are a HR person, Medical professional, Counsellor etc.

Tips could be in any of the areas we cover, such as Work, Parenting, Relationships, Food, Travel etc. Pieces specific to women in India are more appealing to readers.


Interviews with women who are doing valuable, interesting work in India across fields such as arts, sports, business, social work, politics, entertainment. Interviews are usually assigned by the editors once you pitch us an idea. Please indicate in your author sign-up form if this interests you.


  • An interview with Green Entrepreneur Preethi Sukumaran, on her eco-friendly detergent, Krya
  • An interview with Author Samhita Arni, on her re-telling, Sita’s Ramayana

We publish reviews of books by Indian women writers, or with plots/characters very relevant to women. We usually review books that are new to the Indian market, but feminist takes on oldies are also welcome. While we review both fiction and non-fiction, we prefer to have ‘accessible’ rather than academic books.Book reviews are usually assigned to writers by the editor. Please indicate in your author sign-up form if this interests you (and include a relevant sample).


Posts on Women’s Web can be intensely personal or offer a personal lens on a social issue. We prefer posts that make a difference, question established norms, offer a new perspective, have a strong point of view, share from one’s lived experience, rather than ‘general-isms’.


Points to note before signing up as an author


Copyright & Terms: By default, copyright of all posts on Women’s Web rests with individual authors, unless otherwise agreed upon mutually. However, Women’s Web editors can make changes to your posts such as language edits, changing titles/introductions or eliminating redundancies, to make your post more readable or visible to readers. Any changes that impact the meaning or argument significantly will however be discussed with the writer before publishing.

Also, Women’s Web can use excerpts or all of your post in any of its promotions, or on other sites as part of its content sharing arrangements.

Women’s Web reserves the right to reject specific posts that do not meet our writing quality requirements, or other guidelines.

Women’s Web pays for a very small number of pieces only, usually work that involves research or interviewing. However, good writers whom our readers like, are likely to find paying opportunities as our relationship grows.

Plagiarism: We respect writers’ copyright, and are particular about never featuring plagiarized work on the site. If any plagiarized content is submitted, the author will lose all rights to post on the site.

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