Society Forced TV Actress Nilani Into Attempting Suicide – Cos How Could She Say No To A Man?!

A man troubled her, harassed her and forced her to marry him. None but TV Actress Nilani herself had to pay the price for all the madness.  

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You Don’t Look Like A Mother – Is This A Compliment Or A Stereotype?

Complimenting a mom that she doesn't look like a mother is objectifying her and one step away from body shaming her. Don't do it!

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Telangana ‘Honour Killings’ Show How Caste Matters, Though We All Want To Hide This Ugliness

After the murder of a young Dalit man, Pranay in Miryalaguda, there emerges another horrific attempted murder by a father in Hyderabad trying to kill his own daughter for marrying outside their caste. 

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काहे कोई लाए – भाभी

"सारे फ़र्ज़ निभाते करते, हर गलती का बोझ उठाये भाभी, बिलकुल भी विशवास नहीं है, फिर काहे कोई लाए भाभी ?" एक भाभी मन में उठते कई सवाल। 

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“Achcha Ladka Mile Toh Shaadi Karlo” The Line That Has Ruined Indian Women’s Potential!

Getting married because you are of 'marriageable age' and a 'good proposal' comes along has been the chains that bind women. Once tied up, it's the end of their potential.

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Sonal Singh Is Building Rian Placements As A Boutique Search Firm In A Competitive Market

Circumstances prevented Sonal Singh from continuing in the corporate world, but determined to continue working, she has created a second career, with Rian Placements, an executive search firm.

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