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Eating Non-Vegetarian Food Doesn’t Make Anyone Non-Religious

Eating non-vegetarian food in India is gradually becoming one more thing that polarises people and pushes them into opposing camps. There is no reason for it to be this way.

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With The Ugly Memories Of My City

Perhaps this was why Naheed had chosen not to confide even in us; she may have thought we would not trust her too and continued to bear the agony alone.

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6 Essential Tips To Attend An Interview Like A Boss!

For working professionals, if there is one skill that everyone has to cultivate it would have to be the art of interviewing. Here's how to attend an interview - like a boss!

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32-26-32? Let’s Flaunt Our ‘Imperfect’ Selves Instead!

Women are exposed to rigid and narrow standards of beauty early on. It's high time we take a stand against these unrealistic notions of body image and break free.

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Why The Movie Raazi Intrigued Me As A Woman!

Raazi was loved by the audiences. This author delves into the many layers of the movie and analyzes how it depicts women breaking set societal norms.

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How Coming Out As Bisexual At 15 Has Been An Encouragingly Positive Experience

I am an bisexual teenager. While coming out to my mom and a small set of friends has been a positive experience, I hope that I will be able to come out openly some time.

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