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Marital Rape Is A Disgraceful Offence: This Gujarat HC Order Is Welcome

This recent Gujarat HC order on marital rape is welcome, although it remains to be seen whether Parliament will follow suit and take action.

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Maternity Need Not Be The End Of A Woman’s Corporate Career – IF Her Employer Supports Her

A woman's corporate career today is often cut short by maternity, but it doesn't have to be, if companies saw pregnancy as a natural part of life.

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Playing The Kaikottikali [#Winner]

“Have you checked your size? You can’t even move from this room to the other without wobbling and you’re gonna play Kaikottikali in front of that huge audience? Unbelievable!"

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Curfew Timings For Students – What Do Their Mothers Want?
curfew timings

Will imposing curfew timings on students really achieve anything? Mothers of college students give their opinion on the matter, which swings both ways.

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Does Your Friendship Pass The Bechdel Test? Check It Out Today!
female friendships

Apply the Bechdel test for female friendships to your friends, and decide for yourself which of your friends are the ones for keeps. How? Read on to find out.

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Meet Mr Not Allowed, Whom Every Woman Knows Very Well!
not allowed

#Poetry. "You can't do this, you are not allowed!" Every girl, every woman has heard this, probably multiple times in their lives. A very telling poem.

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