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Fighting Fit – Why ‘Being Fat’ Is Not Actually Such A Horrible Thing

Being 'fat', 'obese' or 'overweight' is not the end of your life. In fact, fat protects you in some ways, and isn't all bad.

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Let’s Put An End To Feminism, Shall We?

Want to put an end to feminism? Good! Then you must be perfectly fine doing the following things, amirite?

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Arranged vs Love? How About We Let The Partners Decide?
arranged vs love

The debate about arranged vs love in case of marriages does not take into account the wish of those who are getting married. Why don't we do that?

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For These Slum Girls, Even Their Dreams Are Not Their Own!
slum girls

These slum girls hope for a better future against all odds, but will they ever have the freedom to express what they really want?

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I Am The Disabled Femininity [#ShortStory]
disabled femininity

When someone loses an eye, you call her a blind; when you lose your hearing, people call you a deaf; what do you call me? I don’t have an organ of my womanhood, and they still call me a woman?

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Our Real National Sport? The Throwing And Fielding Of Embarrassing Questions Like These!
embarrassing questions

Indians can make a career out of asking embarrassing questions and making remarks that make you feel like throttling the offender!

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