child with ADHD
Mom: A Set Routine, Healthy Diet, And Calming Methods Key For A Child With ADHD

A child with ADHD can be a handful to deal with, and stress on parents can be huge. This mom of such a child says that the right approach and professional help can do wonders.

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On The Road To Happiness

“Do you think you are the daughter of some king who will keep you in his palace forever? We are women. We don’t dream."

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Married Women Judged Only As Moms And Homemakers, But Can Be So Much More!
Where Did You Go Bernadette

The story of Bernadette Fox in Where Did You Go Bernadette will resonate with all married women who are taken for granted as just moms and homemakers.

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What The Rape Of A Minor In Chennai Tells Us About Ourselves

The heinous rape of a minor in Chennai by a large gang of men, acting with impunity, shows us a mirror to Society - and the image is UGLY.

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जागो दुर्गा!

बहुत हुआ अब! अपने अंदर की दुर्गा को ललकार कर जगाने का वक़्त आ गया है! जागो दुर्गा जागो!

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Anissia Batra: One More Precious Life Lost To Dowry

Anissia Batra was allegedly harassed by her husband and in-laws over dowry, leading her to end her life. How long will the precious lives of our young women be sacrificed in this manner?

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