Would You Like To Know The Fascinating Story Of My 100 Year Old Ammamma’s Life?

My 100 year old Ammamma (grandmother) might seem like a frail old lady of no consequence to people, but she is a strong woman with an interesting life.

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The Woman Who No Longer Wanted To Be ‘SUPER’

And then, of course, the holidays and festivals were even more special. The proverbial family time, when her in- laws dropped in and she even lost whatever little of that freedom to choose and postpone.

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An Indian Wife Is Expected To ‘Support’, But The Husband Gives Her ‘Permission’. Why?

Say it loud and clear, ladies, that what you need from your spouse is a partnership in making family decisions, and support in your personal decisions - not "permission". 

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5 Things To Do In Your Early 20s To Set Yourself Up For Success

Starting early and starting right can get you a head start in life, and nothing like doing it in your 20s when you do not yet have major responsibilities. Here are 5 things you can do.

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She Longed For Her Husband’s Love, But All She Could Say Was, “Let’s Not Do It Tonight Please”

Its natural for women's body to change after pregnancy. Putting on weight after delivering a baby, it was impossible for Revathi to accept her changed body. 

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Should A Character Die In A Movie? Simple, Let Him Get Cancer. Final Stage, Mind You!

With constant portrayal of cancer as the ultimate death sentence, movies like Karwaan are causing unnecessary fear among people.  

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