Soul centric, free spirited and hooked on coffee.
Counselling Psychologist and Educator by vocation.
Multitask-er, wanderer, adrenaline junkie & life enthusiast.
True loves – Books, food, writing, music, movies, adventure sports, travel, poetry, psychology, romance & her ‘people’.
Travel addict – minimum 1 vacation every month, successfully done so since 6 years and counting!
Food reviewer and the go-to-girl for planning holidays or just a day out exploring the city.
Beliefs – the power of a greater force, joy of giving, unconditional acceptance & empathy, Rumi’s philosophy and of course, 24 hours too less to accomplish all I want in a day!
Published in ‘Kunti’s Confessions & Other Short Stories’ – 15 Exciting Stories Inspired By India’s Best Women Authors.

Voice of Wanderlust

“We’re All In This Together”: The Artidote Uses Art To Spread Positivity!

A platform to place mental health over everything else, and enable us all to support each other, The Artidote uses art in interesting and positive ways. Read on!

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Hichki: Rani’s Naina Mathur Delivers An Excellent Lesson On Being An Inclusive Educator

Rani Mukherjee's Naina Mathur (who suffers from Tourette's syndrome) imparts essential lessons on being better human beings and teachers, in Hichki.

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6 Reasons Why All Out’s #ToughMom Advertisement Is Regressive To The Core!
tough mom ad

The #ToughMom advertisement peddles regressive ideas under the veneer of a progressive tagline. Here are 6 grave problems that I had with this ad.

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Papon May Be A Celebrity, But There’s Zero Excuse For Kissing A 11 y.o
papon csa

Popular media's silence around Papon's molestation of an 11-year-old is shameful. We cannot defend child abusers under the pretext of their celebrityhood!

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This Documentary Showed Why Women, As Children, Stay Silent About Sexual Abuse
sexual abuse

A recent documentary screening in Delhi featured women who have experienced child sexual abuse. Their healing journey contains lessons for all of us.

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To The Ex Who Never Really Became An ‘Ex’: Thank You!

Some relationships don't follow the 'happily ever after into the sunset' pattern, but they are no less a love for that. Here's to exes who stay friends!

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This Is Us, The Must Watch TV Show, That We ALL Can Relate To!

This Is Us has impressed viewers worldwide and for good reasons. Everyone will connect with this TV show at some level or the other. Read on to know why!

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Normal Is Overrated [#Shortlisted]
normal is overrated

I know my truth but have been keeping it to myself all these years. I’m just not sure whether my mother would understand and let me live the life I see for myself.

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The Recent Ryan Murder Case Is Just A Symptom. Are We Ready To Treat The Illness?
kids committing crimes

Where are we going as a society when we have kids committing crimes against other kids? Is there something parents and teachers can do differently?

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From Caterpillars to Butterflies: Girls To Wonder Women

“If you can’t support us, don’t stop us either” – young women have a very clear message for society.

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How Do You Support A Grieving Person Cope With The Loss Of A Loved One?

A grieving person needs to take their time for coping with loss when a loved one has passed away. How do you support them in these trying times?

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The Judging Of Esha Gupta & Other Women Tells Us Something About Ourselves…

The judging of women for their clothes, choices and everything else only proves that the world needs more people who are happy with themselves.

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Sagarika Ghose’s Book On Indira Gandhi Is An Intimate Look At India’s Iron Lady
book on Indira Gandhi

"Indira was an extraordinary woman," says Sagarika Ghose at the launch of her new book on Indira Gandhi, a book that is sure to make waves.

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Aastha Bahl’s Pet Fashion Brand Gives a Whole New Meaning to the Term ‘Puppy Love’!

Aastha Bahl's pet fashion label is all about her love for animals - combined with a knacky fashion sense and knowledge. Pet lovers, take note!

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Your Child Is More Than A Marksheet – Parents, It’s Time To Remember This!

With board exams results coming out for one board after another, it really is time to remind yourself - your child is a person with dreams beyond her marksheet.

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‘Let’s Talk’ Rather Than Brushing These Symptoms Of Depression Aside

The symptoms of depression are often brushed off as 'just a low phase' - if a friend is depressed, let them know you are there to listen, rather than brushing it aside.

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Women Are The Weaker Sex, Because We (Sometimes) Acknowledge Our Emotions?

Women are called the weaker sex and judged harshly if we ever display our emotions. What people forget is the many, many times women bite down and stay unruffled.

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Volunteering With Kids On Water Conservation – Left Me With Happy Tears!

There is nothing that makes my heart sings more than when I see children happy. And more so when people come together to ensure a smile on kids’ faces.

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This Powerful Nayi Soch Ad Deserves Credit For Showing Gender Equality In Action

How many establishments have we seen displaying a board, XYZ and Daughters? This Nayi Soch ad by by StarPlus is a welcome change indeed.

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Why Must Girls Apologise For Success? Dangal Actor Zaira Wasim’s Letter Shows How Bad It Gets

Dangal actor Zaira Wasim is facing an outpouring of hate on social media, showing yet again, that we simply cannot bear girls enjoying the limelight.

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The Self Publishing Industry In India Is Booming. And Helping Authors Boom Too!

Have book, will publish! Self-publishing is a great way to get your book out. Learn more here on what to do when it comes to self publishing in India.

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The Indian Women’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ Can Be Heard From Women At Weddings

Locker room talk. Think Indian women are not capable of it? Just talk to women at Indian weddings, and you'll find out they sure are!

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Kahaani 2: The Kahaani We Must All Pay Heed To

Then there are some movies that you carry home long after they are over. For me, Kahaani 2 was one such movie which brought to light an issue so integral in our society, the mere thought of which makes us all cringe. (Warning – spoilers ahead) Vidya Balan’s presence on screen is powerful without seeming […]

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What Dear Zindagi Tells Us About Therapy….Is Good, But A Little Troubling Too!

The Dear Zindagi plot has therapy as an integral part of it. But how realistic is the depiction of therapy? Let's find out!

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Tulika Kedia Aims To Give Traditional Artists A Platform To Showcase Indigenous Indian Art And Preserve It For Posterity

An interview with Tulika Kedia, one of the lone crusaders in the preservation of the indigenous tribal arts in India, through her initiative - the Must Art Gallery.

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Do You Judge Those Who Travel A Lot, Especially Solo Women? Here’s Breaking Some Myths About Travellers

So do you find yourself envious of, or judging those (especially women) who travel a lot? Here is an inveterate traveller breaking the myths about travellers. 

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How Being A Teacher Helped Me To Rise Above My Problems And Learn To Appreciate Myself

Being a teacher and interacting with my students helped me be positive and deal with my demons. 

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Why Does A Woman Eating Out Alone, Enjoying Her Own Company, Make People Uncomfortable?

Why should a woman eating out alone be looked at with suspicion? As an aberration? As some thing to be wary about? As a Scarlet Woman?

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Anything You Create Is Magic! And Other Gems From Elizabeth Gilbert, Author Of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ [#BookReview]

Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear explores the magic of creativity in everyday life without being preachy or boring!

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What Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Is Really About

Neatness, tidiness, is a good virtue. But what when it becomes an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? How do you handle it?

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A Letter To My Son: This Happened To Me When I Was In College

A mother writes a letter to her son, recounting the stories of sexual harassment she faced while young. She talks of the incident she was in a cab with 7 men.

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5 Reasons To Pick Offbeat Getaways For Your Travel Wishlist In 2016

We all feel the need to get away from the bustle of our everyday lives to re-connect with ourselves. Here's why offbeat getaways are such a fantastic idea!

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Have You Ever Walked Into A Particular Space And That Place Transported You Down Memory Lane?

In this winning entry of December Book Talk writing theme, Sonali Dyal writes beautifully on how reading transformed her life.

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Our Parents: Truly Seeing Them For The Heroes They Are

Our parents, Our heroes: Parents are often the closest ones thing we have to heroes. It just takes us time to realise that.

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What You Should Know About Concealed Depression
what is concealed depression

What is concealed depression? Could a friend or loved one be suffering from it? How can we help?

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Relationships Or Rocket Science? See How The Small Things Matter!

Romantic relationships are not rocket science. All it takes is being thoughtful, making an effort, and keeping your expectations in mind, says this post.

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When A Woman Finds Love Within Herself

Here's a warm story about rising from the ashes to find love - within yourself.

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An Open Letter To Well-Meaning Aunties

Of what good is judgement? Here is an open letter to 'well-meaning' aunties, that calls us out on our double standards.

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Me-time Ideas: 10 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With Yourself

Stop making excuses about how busy you are! Here are ten simple ideas for 'me-time' - to help you fall in love with yourself.

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Of Best Friends : 3 Blessings And Countless Love

A woman's best friends are her fortress, her fun, and her family. Here's an ode to best friends. Do you see your friends here, too?

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Unmask, Love, Liberate : The Road To Freedom

We're often shackled by our own fears. This introspective post suggests that being honest to yourself is the first step to freedom from fear.

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Into My Own : I Refuse To Be A Victim

Marital rape makes victims out of millions every day. Refuse to be a victim and reclaim yourself, says this chilling story.

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A Big Thank You To The Men In My Life

Today, our writer Sonal extends her gratitude to the men who make her life wonderful in various little ways. Do you see these men in your life, too?

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The Secret Wish List [Book Review]

The Secret Wish List by Preeti Shenoy is an engaging tale about following your heart while navigating friendships, true love, and parental expectations.

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What The Finale Of How I Met Your Mother Says About Love And Commitment

We call men who refuse to commit "jerks". But, do we show ourselves the mirror? Thoughts on love and commitment after the season finale of How I Met Your Mother.

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Bringing Out The Writer In Me
Bringing out the writer in me

Having struggled to come into my own and be happy with the person I am took time, effort and patience. Thank you Women's Web, for bringing out the writer in me.

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Rape Proof Bodies: Women ‘Leaders’ In India Who Excel At Victim Blaming
When women indulge in victim blaming

When so-called women 'Leaders' in India excel at victim blaming and point fingers at rape victims, can we hope for better from men?

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Bol: When Women Speak Up And Release The Voice Within [Video]
Bol: When Women Speak Up

A video Bol by Pooja Batura Pathak, a Mumbai Based film maker has a heart wrenching message about the plight of women in India.

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What The Heart Wants

The human heart has a volition all its own, a weakness all its own. What does the mind do when the heart wants the undesirable?

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Why I Began My Year With The Jaipur Lit Fest, And The Lessons I Learnt

How did you start this year? Sharing the lessons learnt earlier this year at the Jaipur Lit Fest

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Celebrating The ‘We’ In V-Day

Why ridicule couples celebrating Valentine's Day? Love in any form it may be, is never overrated.

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Women At Work: Of Friends & Foes

The experience of four women at work, finding and cherishing a rare friendship that will stay over time.

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The Indian Woman’s Dilemma: Love Vs Arranged Marriage

Love marriage vs. Arranged marriage: Most Indian women at a certain age find themselves facing a choice. Which marriage works better?

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