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Sunila Karir

I write because I love to express myself through words. And I am a communicator. I run an advertising agency where we combine creative expression and try to add a sheen to the brands we advertise for. Once upon a time, my words failed me and I took a break to become a professional jeweller. So I qualified as a diamond grader and ran my own business for a while where I also picked up the skill of handcrafting beaded jewellery. But my pen called to me once more and I returned back to the writing table. Because at the end of it all, the one legacy I want to leave behind, is that of one who spun some fine stories.

Voice of Sunila Karir

To Go Or Not To Go On A Group Tour? Let Us Help You Decide
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Planning to go on a group tour during your next long holidays? Here are the pros and cons that you need to consider.

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When An Old Friend Became A Ray Of Sunshine In Her Depressed World

When I received an email from Women's Web asking if teenage friendships still matter, I couldn't help but share this piece I had written a while ago.

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Lose 10 Kgs Of Self Loathing, Gain 20 Kgs Of Self Love
self love

Body image issues, plastic surgery, designer bodies, constant scrutiny - no wonder young women today are do not experience any self love!

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Does Only ‘Giving Birth’ Make You A Complete Woman And Mother? Why Stereotype Women?

Are you a complete woman only if you have given birth? What about the women who haven't for whatever reasons, medical, social, or by choice?

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