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Sunila Karir

I write because I love to express myself through words. And I am a communicator. I run an advertising agency where we combine creative expression and try to add a sheen to the brands we advertise for. Once upon a time, my words failed me and I took a break to become a professional jeweller. So I qualified as a diamond grader and ran my own business for a while where I also picked up the skill of handcrafting beaded jewellery. But my pen called to me once more and I returned back to the writing table. Because at the end of it all, the one legacy I want to leave behind, is that of one who spun some fine stories.

Voice of Sunila Karir

Steal Some Normal Eyesight For Yourself With LASIK Surgery. Here Is Everything You Should Know
LASIK surgery

I got LASIK surgery done as I had struggled with many eye problems due to having glasses and contact lenses. Here is everything you need to know.

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To Go Or Not To Go On A Group Tour? Let Us Help You Decide
group tour

Planning to go on a group tour during your next long holidays? Here are the pros and cons that you need to consider.

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When An Old Friend Became A Ray Of Sunshine In Her Depressed World

When I received an email from Women's Web asking if teenage friendships still matter, I couldn't help but share this piece I had written a while ago.

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Lose 10 Kgs Of Self Loathing, Gain 20 Kgs Of Self Love
self love

Body image issues, plastic surgery, designer bodies, constant scrutiny - no wonder young women today are do not experience any self love!

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Does Only ‘Giving Birth’ Make You A Complete Woman And Mother? Why Stereotype Women?

Are you a complete woman only if you have given birth? What about the women who haven't for whatever reasons, medical, social, or by choice?

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