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Sowmya Baruvuri

Sowmya Baruvuri

Loves to click pictures, dance, cook, travel, craft, read and write!

Voice of Sowmya Baruvuri

When Their Wings Are Ready, Let Your Children Fly!
let children fly

It is parents, not children, who find it difficult to let a child take the next step, but we need to learn when to let go and let children fly!

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With Zayka Ka Tadka, This Mother-Daughter Duo Proves Age Is No Barrier To Business

What made Vijay Haldia start a food blog at the age of 56, proving that age is just a number? What made her daughter, Apeksha Haldia join her and transition it from being a blog to a food startup? Read on!   Zayka Ka Tadka (ZKT) is a food recipe platform with 6 lakh followers and over […]

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We Don’t Buy Toys For Our 5 Year Old Yet He Has Plenty To Play With! Here’s Our Secret!
don't buy toys

We don't buy toys for our son, but that does not mean we have no options for play. On the contrary. How? Read this to find out our secret!

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A Summer Camp Can Keep My 5 Year Old Occupied, But Is Structured Activity Age Appropriate For Him?
age appropriateness

How do you ensure that your child is exposed to a suitable environment? Read on to know the significance of age appropriateness in childhood.

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“Ohhh…You’re A Lucky Parent To Have Such A Well Behaved Child!” Am I?
lucky parent

Do you think you are a lucky parent? Read on to know a parent's thoughts on what role luck plays in dealing with every day parenting.

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Want To Spend Some Quality Time With Kids During The Vacations? Read On…
quality time

Are you spending enough time with your kids? How much of it is quality time? Read on to find out more.

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A Personality Development Video To Help You Overcome Challenges & Achieve Success

This personality development video is definitely worth a watch – for soft skills can make all the positive difference both at one’s professional and personal life.  When you think all is well with your career but for some reason it is not being recognized, then it could well be something to do with your social […]

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Get Lost To Find And Reconnect With Yourself In A Busy World! Read On To Know Why

Get lost to know the beauty of the unexplored, to know the side of you that you didn't, to do all those things that you would otherwise never do on all those planned days.

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I Bring You Christmas Cookie Recipes That You Cannot Miss This Christmas
Christmas Cookie

Bake Christmas cookies with these interesting ideas to make it a fun activity for the whole family.

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Check Out These Handmade Gift Ideas From 15 NGOs To Give Your Loved Ones This Festive Season!

Handmade gift ideas are the most sought after gifts for that special warmth. Here is a list of Non-profit organizations from where you can source them.

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Healthy Eating Habits For Kids. As A Parent, Do You Know These 8 Tips That Always Work?

Developing healthy eating habits for kids often takes more than just asking them to eat what is prepared.

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DIY Phone Case Ideas For Personalized Gifting. Will You Be Trying Them This Festive Season?

DIY phone case is simple and super fun. Make gifiting more personal with these cool DIY phone case ideas.

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5 Easy Sabudana Recipes That Can Be Relished As A Snack Or When You Are Fasting

Sabudana recipes are the must have items while fasting, and are yummy too! Here are 5 popular sabudana recipes that you cannot miss.

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Fasting Has Taught Me Self Restraint. Have You Tried Fasting For Yourself?

Here is why I decided to try my hand at fasting. Also, a few handy tips about fasting for beginners, and what fasting has taught me!

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Hobbies And Interests Are For Everyone And Should Not Become A Luxury!
reading a book concept

Hobbies and interests make you a well defined individual. Here is why you should hold on to your hobbies and interests.

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Wondering How To Decorate A Cake Using Icing? Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Do So!

Let your cakes do the talking! Here are a few simple ideas for using icing, and techniques to learn how to decorate a cake using the same.

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8 Yummy Calcium Rich Recipes For Kids. No More Worries Now If They Refuse To Drink Milk!

Check out these calcium rich recipes for kids. which are especially needed for those who do not like drinking milk.

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7 Parenting Tips On How To Handle Toddler Tantrums

Are you wondering about ways to handle your toddler tantrums? Welcome to the club! Here are some parenting tips on how to handle toddler tantrums.

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Snack Time Or Tiffin Box? Just Try One Of These Nutritious And Easy Sandwich Recipes

Easy sandwiches recipes are all we need to please all kinds of guests or for your child's snack. Here is a list of 5 easy sandwiches recipes that are handy for a busy day.

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Try Some Of These Mouthwatering Diwali Sweets This Festive Season And Spread Joy Among Family And Friends

Let us gift and spread smiles with some homemade Diwali sweets. Here are 7 Diwali sweets to make the celebrations all the more sweeter.

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#SayNoToCrackers And Make It A Green Diwali For Kids!

Diwali for kids need not be boring just because you say no to crackers! Here is why we should encourage kids to celebrate a green Diwali.

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You Must Try Out These Mouth Watering And Easy Indian Potato Recipes Right Away!

Potato is known for its versatility in Indian potato recipes. Let us recollect some of the top rated Indian potato recipes and the stories behind them.

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Looking For Vegetarian Food In Europe Travel? Here Are Some Excellent Tips

Vegetarian food in Europe travel could be monotonous but not very difficult to find. Read to know how to survive as a vegetarian on a long holiday in Europe.

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Europe Homestay Options And Tips To Book One Easily Through Portals Like Airbnb
Swiss homestay

Read on to know about different Europe homestay options and the things to keep in mind while booking one through Airbnb.

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These Easy, Yummy Indian Salad Recipes And Hacks Will Up Your Nutrition Quotient
Spicy salad recipe

Here are some cool salad recipes to encourage you to include raw foods in your diet.

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Meet Punya Arora – An Eccentric Mix Of Stand Up Comedy And Photography
Punya Arora 1

Read about the journey of Punya Arora, from having a tough childhood to making people laugh out loud in her stand up comedy shows.

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These Cool Hacks For Chopping Vegetables Fast Help You Spend Less Time In The Kitchen
Julienne vegetables

Here are some useful food hacks for chopping vegetables fast, allowing you to reduce the time spent in the kitchen and enjoy cooking better!

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Ishani Sawant Is On An Amazing Journey That Breaks Stereotypes About Women In Adventure Sports
Ishani Sawant

Meet the multi-talented Ishani Sawant - a mountain athlete, national level rock climber, adventure sports enthusiast, and an action photographer.

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A Busy Lifestyle? Don’t Worry! Ensuring Good Nutrition Is Easy With These Tips
Idli wada

Do you find it difficult to have balanced diet on a daily basis? Here are 5 easy ways to maintain good nutrition even with a busy schedule.

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9 Easy Fruit Recipes To Make The Best Use Of Ripe Fruits In Season

Wondering how to finish eating all the ripe fruits at home before they get spoiled? Here are some interesting easy fruit recipes to consume the same.

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Asha & Aruna Grannies Are Wowing Tourists In Varanasi With Granny’s Inn
Granny's Inn Homestay

Here are two elderly women entrepreneurs who are committed to giving the best homestay experience to their guests at Granny's Inn, Varanasi. 

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8 Easy Savory Muffin Recipes For Breakfast When You Want To Keep Off Sugar

Tired of regular dishes for breakfast and also want to avoid sugar? Check out these savory muffin recipes that are easy to bake.

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“Meeting A Customer’s Needs Is What Makes A Business Unique” – Lalana Zaveri
Lalana Zaveri

Listen to entrepreneur Lalana Zaveri of Printo, who took few critical decisions during tough times and made her business stronger.

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6 Eco Friendly Farm Stays Around Bangalore
woman in a green meadow

Here is a list of eco friendly farm stays to take you closer to farming, village atmosphere and of course, mother nature!

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Listen To Archana Doshi On How She Struck The Right Chord With Customers
Archana Doshi

Listen to Archana Doshi of Archana's Kitchen on her important learnings and how it helped her to aid her business.

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20 Healthy And Yummy, Yet Easy To Make Dinner Ideas For Solo Cooking

Fret not if you live alone and find cooking for yourself a chore. These easy dinner ideas will make for a delicious meal, even using leftovers wisely! Try them out.

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Packing Tips To Make Your Travel Smooth, Light, And Hassle Free
packing tips (2)

Are you someone who feels uncomfortable when you cannot pack it all? Here are packing tips to survive on light packing and traveling with ease!

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Meet Sujatha Narasimhan Who Is Determined To Help Schools After The Chennai Floods
_We need to channelize the goodwill around us to do socially purposeful work in the most transparent way possible._-Sujatha Narasimhan(1)

Here is the story of Sujatha Narasimhan, known for her determination and a never ending passion to help children after a natural calamity.

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Common Cold And Cough? Try These 9 Easy And Effective Natural Home Remedies
lemon ginger honey tea

These home remedies will come handy during common cold and cough. Try out these natural remedies before you start popping pills.

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Read On To Know How Aishwarya Pissay Is Chasing Her Motorbike Racing Dreams
Aishwarya Pissay

Here is a true story of a woman who chases the speed and thrill of motorbike racing, meet Aishwarya Pissay, the racer.

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Rains! Here Are 8 Wonderful Reasons To Plan A Lush Monsoon Getaway!
Jog Falls, India

Why wait for the rainy season to get over to plan a trip? Make the most of rains! Here are top reasons to go for that monsoon getaway!

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How Do I Make My Travel Worthwhile? Why, Indeed, Should We Travel?
woman traveller

Have you given up travelling for hectic schedules and monotonous itineraries? Time to think about why we should travel!

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How Entrepreneur Teju Is Spreading Smiles By Early Detection Of Stress
Teju - nSmiles

Here is an inspiring tale of Teju of nSmiles, from once being depressed to helping others on how to identify depression and when to seek help.

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10 Must See Places In India To Visit On A Shoe-String Budget Before Summer Vacation Runs Out

Here is a list of 10 low budget travel destinations in India that you can explore before the vacation is over, and create lasting memories!

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Try These Delicious Chutney Recipes To Spice Up Your South Indian Breakfast!
Chutney Recipes

Here is a list of 10 lip smacking and spicy chutney recipes that make up for a sumptuous breakfast supplement. Try them today!

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How Entrepreneur Swapna Wagh Is Reviving Childhood Memories With Her Indian Toys
Untitled design (1)

Swapna Wagh of Desi Toys is reviving childhood memories, combining them with Indian arts and mythology, which makes every Indian parent feel nostalgic!

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Try Out These 6 Healthy Food Alternatives Which Will Still Make Your Traditional Dishes Taste Yummy!
spaghetti with white sauce

Worried about calories and the nutrition quotient in traditional diet and want healthy food alternatives? Here is a list of food substitutes for healthier cooking.

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Make These 6 Regular Dishes With A Twist, Using Raw Mango Recipes!
raw mango curry

Read on to know how you can infuse some of your routine eats with raw mango recipes this summer to make them special!

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13 Hacks That Let You Enjoy Your Favourite Sweets Without Feeling Guilty!
mix mithai

Want to know how to control sugar intake so you can eat sweets without guilt? Take a look at these 13 hacks that tell you how to do that!

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Nidhi Agarwal Of KAARYAH Took Fearless Decisions To Succeed. You Could Too! #BreakingBarriers
Nidhi Agarwal

Here is an account of endurance and how success is driven from entrepreneur, Nidhi Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Kaaryah - a leading women's clothing line.

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How Entrepreneur Sangita Bhattacharyya Is Making Travel Enjoyable For The ‘Young At Heart’

Sangita Bhattacharyya of 50+ Voyagers went from a corporate life, to channeling her passion for travel towards organizing tours for the elderly.

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6 Fun DIY Ideas To Make Your Kids’ Room’s Walls Look Exciting And Colourful!
DIY wall art

Here are 6 ideas for beautiful DIY wall art in your kids room this summer, that can also keep them constructively occupied, happy, and out of your hair!

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Try These 7 Nutritious Yet Tasty Vegetable Juices As Refreshing Summer Drinks
refreshing vegetable juices

Here is a list of easy to make and tasty vegetable juices that are both nutritious and also act as refreshing summer drinks.

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Hosting An IPL Cricket Party At Home? Follow These 4 Recipes That Are Going To Be A Hit
cricket party

Worried about what to cook for a home cricket party? These simple ideas will come in handy!

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Get Your Kids Involved In Ugadi Cleaning & Make It Fun For The Whole Family
Ugadi cleaning tips

Ugadi has always been the fresh beginning of a year, celebrated in an Indian way. A fresh clean home is the prerequisite before the festivities begin.

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9 Sunday Breakfast Ideas – When You Have A Little Extra Time And Want To Make It Special
masala dosa

Bored of routine breakfast options throughout the week? Try out these special Sunday breakfast options this weekend with these recipes.

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Meet Entrepreneur Komal Arora Of Merry-Go-Learn Who Is Making Waves With Her Marketing Strategy
Komal Arora Merry-Go-Learn

Read on to know how entrepreneur Komal Arora is using marketing as a tool to make progress in her venture, Merry-Go-Learn.

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Meet Meenakshi Jain Whose Venture Helper4U Connects Helpers With Prospective Employers

Read on to know how Meenakshi Jain of Helper4U is helping blue collared job seekers find a respectable job with the help of technology.

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The Most Interesting, Endearing, Yet Challenging Phases Of Childhood
family in a playful mood

Interacting with your child can be fun yet challenging. Here is a look at understanding the different phases of childhood.

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6 DIY Ideas To Make Crafts With Pistachio Shells
pistachio shell craft

Our reuse & recycle series is back with a 3rd edition, offering 6 creative DIY ideas to reuse pistachio shells.

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How Entrepreneur Shikha Bhangadia Is Setting Trends With Her Clothing Line ‘Shibhana’

Meet Shikha Bhangadia, a successful woman entrepreneur and the face behind the flourishing clothing line, Shibhana.

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6 DIY Ideas To Recycle Old Newspapers And Create Some Useful Items For Your Home
recycling newspapers

In this earlier article, we had looked at some DIY ideas. In this second article in the reuse series, let us look at recycling old newspapers.

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Don’t Throw Away Those Wine Bottles. Here Are 7 DIY Ideas To Reuse Them
7 ways to upcycle old wine bottles

Wine bottles in the trash after parties? Here are 7 DIY ways for reusing wine bottles, that are sure to act as décor elements in your home.

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Try Out These 6 Yummy Recipes That Use Winter Vegetables Before You Say Goodbye To Winter
gobi manchurian

Winter vegetables will not be so easily available as we move into spring and summer. Try out these sumptuous Indian recipes before they are all gone.

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6 Women Entrepreneurs Tell You Useful Stuff About Starting A Business
starting a business

Starting a business or hope to one day? These 6 points will come in handy and help you find answers on your journey as an entrepreneur.

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8 Great Places To Shop For Environmentally Friendly Gifts For Your Guests
wooden elephants

Looking for traditional, yet environmentally friendly gifts to give guests as return favours? Here are 8 great online and offline places to buy responsibly from!

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How Arpita Ganesh Launched Perfect Fit Bras By Crowdfunding From Users
Arpita Ganesh 1

Confused about how to crowd-fund your business and not sure where to start? This talk from Arpita Ganesh, Founder & CEO of Buttercups Bras Pvt. Ltd., answers all your queries.

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8 Tasty Breakfast Ideas To Take Care Of Your Iron Requirements
broccoli bake

Want to increase your body’s iron levels and beat Anemia? Here are 8 breakfast ideas to take care of your iron requirements.

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Komal Thakur, Entrepreneur, On Why Creating New Experiences Is Essential For Success
Komal Thakur

Komal Thakur, a woman entrepreneur in media, shares why creating new experiences is essential for an entrepreneur to drive Success.

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3 Easy And Interesting DIY Lampshades To Make For Your Home
DIY lampshades

Strategically placed lights and lamps can really add to the atmosphere in your home. Here are 3 unique ways to decorate your home with these DIY lampshades.

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How Bhavi Mody Is Taking Mental Health Care To The Next Level With EduPsyche
edupsyche team

Here is the story of an interesting startup called EduPsyche established by Dr Bhavi Mody and Dr Dhawal Mody, which deals with comprehensive mental health care.

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#JanoTohMano – Why SIP Is A Smart Investment Option
Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund

Read on to know why SIP is a smart investment option and how it can help you in maintaining a healthy financial portfolio for long term benefits.

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7 Tips To Maximize Storage In Small Spaces
storage options

Here are 7 tips for you to maximize storage capacity in small homes, as well as in smaller spaces in larger homes.

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Meet Entrepreneur Jyotsna Dilip Who Runs A Travelling Bookstore For Children
The Rabbit Hole

Jyotsna Dilip, another passionate woman entrepreneur, shares her journey in setting up a travelling bookstore for children called, ‘The Rabbit Hole’.

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10 Tasty And Nourishing, Yet Quick Breakfast Ideas For That Busy Morning
parathas with curd and pickle

Looking for quick breakfast ideas for your family? Here are 10 breakfast hacks that are prompt yet nourishing, saving your time during those busy mornings.

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6 Mouth-watering Dishes From The Distinctive Flavours Of Malnad Cuisine
coconut and chutney

Here is a list of a few yummy vegetarian dishes of Malnad cuisine that you should not miss.

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How Entrepreneur Tanushree Nair Uses Upcycling To Make Contemporary Products
Tanushree Nair Karaashilp

In this series of ingenious women entrepreneurs’ stories, we bring to you, Tanushree Nair of Karaashilp, who upcycles to make creative, new products from the old.

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23 Starter Recipes That Will Make For A Delectable Party Menu!
mixed veg pakodas

This comprehensive list of party starters recipes will come in handy for the upcoming party season. Check them out!

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Meet Padmashree Harish Who Wants To Put More Women Auto Drivers On Our Roads
women auto drivers Padmashree Harish

Meet inspiring woman entrepreneur, Padmasree Harish, who has taken an offbeat track to realize her passion - and empower women auto drivers.

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DIY Christmas Decor Ideas To Make Your Christmas Tree So Unique!
DIY Christmas decor ideas

Wondering how to make your Christmas tree look pretty and different from last year? Here are 5 easy DIY Christmas decor ideas.

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How Entrepreneur Sreedevi Gattu Is Making Art A Part Of Your Daily Life
Sreedevi knitknacks

What does it take to turn your passion for art into a business? We talk to entrepreneur Sreedevi Gattu about her journey.

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Merry Date With Carnivale Familia Bangalore: Here Are The Highlights
Carnivale Familia

Here are the highlights of the most memorable family event, Carnivale Familia, that was organized by Women’s Web in Bangalore on November 22nd

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5 Indian Women Food Bloggers Who Redefined Recipe Sharing
food blogger

We bring you a list of food bloggers who crossed the boundaries of cooking and defined brand new meaning to food & its diversity.

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How To Handle Temper Tantrums While Keeping Your Child’s Self Respect Intact

Here are some simple parenting tips on how to handle temper tantrums and sail through most of it with a smile.

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These Andhra Podi Recipes (Spice Powders) Are A Delicious Meal Addition
andhra spice powder

Here are some Andhra podi recipes to kick-start your meals with an aromatic zest! When it is raining outside, the best way to start your meal is with something spicy and hot, isn’t it?

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21 Kickass Quotes From Inspiring Women In India
Inspiring Indian Women

Here is a list of 21 kickass quotes from inspiring women in India.

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You Will Be Dazzled By These Gorgeous Vintage Kitchen Designs
shutterstock_158695172 (1)

Before you throw any old items out of your house, stop and get inspired by these gorgeous vintage kitchen designs.

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How To Raise Funding: Dream & Learn To Live Your Dream
Jayanti Kathale how to raise funding

How to raise funding is the most pressing question for many budding entrepreneurs today. Jayanti Kathale, Founder of Purnabrahma shares her experiences with raising funding.

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Snacks For Kids: 6 Easy Recipes That Even Your Kids Can Make On Their Own

Are you searching for snacks for kids? Try these easy recipes that you can make with your children!

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How To Make Walls Look Great: 7 Ways To Transform Your Living Spaces

Thinking of how to make walls look great? From consoles to mirrors, find out ways to make them cheerful and sparkling with life!

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Child Care Tips And Decoding The Information Avalanche
Child Care Tips

When it comes to child care tips, how much is too much? Should we be consumed by all the information out there or are we to simply 'follow the rules'?

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Women’s Education In India: How Serious Are We Really?

With 65.46% female literacy rate as per the 2011 census, women's education in India is still a point in question. Why is women education India still so poor?

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7 Cool and Contemporary Day Trip Ideas in Bangalore

Find fun ways of spending a day which promise to be the new trend in making best use of your weekends. It is definitely worth investing your time in these short but contemporary outings.

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All You Need To Know About WWN Chapter Meets

Women’s Web has recently launched chapter meets in different cities, bringing women from varied backgrounds together. Here is a peek into the meets that happened so far.

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5 Women Only Travel Clubs In India: Go Girl Go!
women only travel clubs

Here is a list of 5 women only travel clubs that organize women specific tours to exotic places and provide newer experiences and a platform for networking.

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5 Reasons To Own An Awesome Selfie Phone Today!
selfie phone

With the rise of social media, photo and video sharing have become a phenomenon, which we love. Thus, having a good selfie phone takes us a long way!

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4 Easy To Make Sweets At Home That Will Make You Love August
Sweets For August

Here are 4 easy to make sweets at home for your August festivities. They are healthy and your taste buds will be happy too. Try them today.

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Interview With Kunzang Choden: First Bhutanese Woman To Publish A Novel In English
Kunzang Choden

Excerpts from an interview with Kunzang Choden, writer of Circle of Karma, who is the first Bhutanese woman to have published an English novel.

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[VIDEO] Apurva Purohit: You Don’t Have To Be A Suffering Sita!

Are you plagued by the spectre of the ‘ideal woman’? At BreakingBarriers, Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radiocity talks of why women need to value themselves.

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5 Easy Recipes For Unconventional Andhra Pickles (And They Are Finger Licking Good)
Andhra Pickles

Want a few easy recipes for Andhra pickles? Here are 5 - unconventional, yet finger licking good. Try them today.

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[VIDEO] Inspiration From Life’s Testing Phases: Entrepreneur Vaishali Gupta

Vaishali Gupta, the Founder of ReLiva, a physiotherapy chain in Mumbai shares the difficulties she faced due to ill-health and how it prompted her to become an entrepreneur. Here is her story!

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Where Do New Business Ideas Come From? [VIDEO]

Where do new business ideas come from? Sharin Bhatti Nair, Co-Founder of The Hive, an arts & co-working space in Mumbai shares her inspiration.

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6 Reasons To Start A Herb Garden Of Your Own
6 Reasons To Start A Herb Garden Of Your Own

Why do many people shy away as soon as they hear something like ‘home garden’? Here are 6 reasons to start a herb garden of your own.

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Monsoon Maladies: These Age Old Recipes For Better Immunity Will Help!
Indian Spices

Here the writer writes about age old recipes that builds immunity. The good news is that, they are a part of everyday life!

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You Know The #100SareePact. Find Out What #SariForEducation Is All About!
radhika kowtha

Radhika Kowtha Rao, the blogger popularly known as Rads is asking you to wear a sari for a cause. Find out more about the #SariForEducation campaign.

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5 Summer Coolers To Quench Your Thirst
fruit juices final

Looking for interesting make it easy summer drinks to make at home? Here are some refreshing seasonal variants

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6 Steps To Help You Get Ready For ‘Back To School’

As a parent, gearing up for another school year can be stressful. These back to school tips for parents will help you handle it smoothly!

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Can You Share The World You See With Another Person?

This beautiful video about the power of the eyes has an interesting message. Take the #Dare2Stare challenge – and the pledge that follows.

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5 Short Films That Convey A Powerful Message: Women Are Not #AskingForIt
5 short films-3

These 5 short films on sexual harassment of women in public spaces are great tools to create discussion on the topic. Watch and share!

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5 Easy Salad Recipes With A Twist For A Light Eat This Summer

These easy salad recipes for summer will make for a light and refreshing addition to your meals, besides bringing heaps of health benefits to you and your family.

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The Last Minute Shopaholic’s #EveryWishFulfilled

Ever bought the wrong gift for someone you love and hastened to make it right? Here’s a mom describing her own experience with last-minute gift buying.

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5 Delicious Mango Recipes You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer

These delicious mango recipes will give you some mouth-watering dishes this summer - make the best of it while mango season lasts!

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5 Inspiring Indian Women Who Fought The Odds. Do You Know Them?

These truly inspiring Indian women prove that nothing is impossible if you have the will to do it with determination, courage and passion.

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Do You Say Thank You And Sorry To Your Child? Here’s Why You Should

Do you hesitate to say Sorry to your child? We expect the best behaviour from our children, but are we modelling it for them?

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