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Sonia Chatterjee

Sonia Chatterjee

I run a blog soniasmusings.com through which I cover a range of categories. From reviews of restaurants, books and movies to travel diaries to parenting guide to social issues and my personal journey, I write about it all. Two post graduation degrees, four job switches within a span of eight years and three city changes later, I realized that the only other thing that made me happy apart from coffee and sleep was writing. Kolkata is what I call home now. My inner circle of strength comes from retired professor father, sensible in - laws, doctor husband and two plus year old uber-cute son.

Voice of Sonia Chatterjee

How Long Will It Take Before We Say #NotMe Instead Of #MeToo?

Some people fault the #MeToo campaign for not doing enough, but it is the first step to a world where we can say, #NotMe when it comes to sexual harassment.

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in charge of her life
But The Truth Is That She Is In Charge Of Her Life

An unruly mob had already caught sight of the bus and were approaching it with fire in their hands. The bus was to be set ablaze. Not a single person should escape.

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Sridevi syria semen
Sridevi, Syria, And Semen: The Shocking Headlines Dominating Our Timelines And Minds!

Some hard hitting news shook our collect consciousness and unveiled the dirtiness of yellow journalism in India. Let's pause and reflect.

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Padman Movie Review | A Worthy Subject Well Told Though A Little ‘Filmy’

Padman movie review: With good acting and a relevant subject, Padman is a good effort, though fewer 'filmy' elements could have helped make it even better.

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We Met As Teenagers, But Took Us More Than A Decade To Realize That We Are Soulmates

We first met as teenagers, but weren't very good friends, and it took us 3 cities, 2 failed relationships, and almost a decade before we realised we are soulmates.

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From Chemistry Major To Banker To Blogger: I’ve Made The Most Of Life’s Paradoxical Chances!

A career journey may not always be linear from entering a company to becoming CEO; here's a candid personal account of moving from banker to blogger!

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Breaking Gender Stereotypes, Starting With My Little Boy’s Favourite Kitchen Set

Breaking gender stereotypes is not always about grand gestures; sometimes, its as simple as who loves to cook at home and what your toddler plays with.

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A Death In The Gunj By Konkona Sen Sharma: A Movie That Highlights The Plight Of Soft And Sensitive Men

A Death In The Gunj by Konkona Sen Sharma is one movie that took me a whole week to come out of its magical spell to focus on writing the review instead.

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Movies Like #PadMan Are Making Menstruation An ‘Ordinary’ Topic, Not Hush-Hush

Movies like Padman and people like A. Murugananthan need to be commended for helping make menstruation just another 'normal' topic.

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