Shuchita Gupta

Shuchita Gupta

I am a woman, a physician, a mother and an aspiring writer rolled into one. I write about various aspects of my life, and my preferred form of writing is poetry (or rhyming verses).

Voice of Shuchita Gupta

How I Used The Story Of The Titanic To Introduce The Concept Of Loss To My 5 Year Old

Teaching kids about tragedy, violence and other disturbing things in the world becomes simple though books, like here with the story of the Titanic.

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An Ode To Sleuths In Skirts

Detectives who are women are few and far between in fiction, though things are certainly changing. Here's an ode to sleuths in skirts.

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Girls Of A Feather
girls of a feather

The poet laments putting friendships on the back burner once a woman gets married, and celebrates the revival of these friendships one realisation sets in.

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The Diva!

A Diva. That is what she is, a lioness who does not care much for the brickbats thrown at her, giving back as good as she gets sometimes!

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I’m The Boss And I Refuse To Apologise For It

Why is it so hard for some men to accept a female boss, no matter how competent she is? Deal with it!

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Victim No More
victim no more

#Poetry. She had suffered the domestic violence quietly for too long. She would be a victim no more, and show the world what happened when #WomenSpeakUp!

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The True Confessions Of “Not-A-Superwoman”
not a superwoman

#Poetry. I am not a superwoman, says this poet - just an ordinary woman making the best of life and doing it with pride in my achievements.

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Confessions Of A Competitive Soccer Mom
child learning football

#Poetry. The struggles of a mom with herself, when she feels competitive about her young child learning football, when he is yet to get the hang of it.

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The Ghats Of Varanasi

#Poetry that speaks of a lonely woman on the ghats of Varanasi after being widowed, but who finds peace in following her music to make a life for herself and her child.

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