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Hi, I am Shaily Shah; after a good stint of 14 years in corporate life, trying my hands at something i really liked doing as a teenager; writing my heart out! Also, by means of doing so, i want to educate and empower women about financial independence and the means to achieve one. Hope we mutually benefit in the process- i get to pass on my thought and you can reap The benefit of the knowledge i have earned over the years. You can visit my website or read my blog @ https//

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Begin Early To Get Your Pension Corpus Ready For A Secure Future
pension corpus

We live in dynamic times; where dependence on self is of great importance. Ensure that your future is secure by building a good pension corpus.

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Ladies, Have Your Investments At Your Fingertips By Going Online!

Online investments are the order of the day, and your financial consultants can guide you on how to operate them, saving valuable time and energy.

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Have You Put Away Enough For Your Retirement Years?
retirement years

Have you thought about investing for your retirement years? Is your current investment enough? A thoughtful post.

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Services Like Education And Healthcare Are High On Cost Today, And Will Be Higher Tomorrow!
costs of services

Costs of services like education and healthcare will rise exponentially in the next 10 years. Here is what you know to plan your finances accordingly.

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Here’s A Quick Tip About The Art Of Investing Successfully For A Secure Future
art of investing

A little diligence can help you master the art of investing successfully, something that every woman should educate herself on.

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3 Great Ways To Teach Your Kids The Value Of Money

Making your kids learn the value of money and responsible with how they spend it is a huge gift you can give them. Start small, and see them learn.

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Do You Have A Contingency Plan In Case Of A Financial Emergency?
financial emergency

A woman has more chances of landing in a financial emergency in an unequal society that penalises women for their choices. Have you planned for this eventuality?

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What Is GST And How Does It Really Impact Us? Find Out!

What is GST? If you've been pondering the real impact of the GST tax regime we are moving to, learn more here.

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What Is The Right Time For Embarking On Your Financial Goals And Future Planning?
future planning

Early setting of financial goals and going in for a clear vision of future planning and investing will be your golden goose, especially as a woman!

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We Talk About Empowering Women. But Are Women Being Truly Empowered In Every Sense?
empowering women

Everyone including a certain political leader keeps talking about empowering women. But are we really going about it the way we should?

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Are We Talking About Finances In Relationships?
talking about finances

Are you talking about finances with your spouse and ensuring a safer future for the entire family? No? Time to begin, then.

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MWPA – The Married Women’s Property Act, Is Something Every Woman Should Know About!

Every woman whether homemaker or working, should know and use the MWPA act, and protect the financial interest of herself and her kids.

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It’s Time You Own Your Money And Have A Say In The Spending!
own your money

Many women earn. What, then, stops us from being active partners in the financial planning of our families? Own your money.

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What Is Stridhan? How Can Women Protect This Wealth That Belongs Only To Them By Law?

Here is Stridhan explained in simple terms so that you know what it comprises, and how you can protect it in the case of any dispute.

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