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Sharanya Misra

Sharanya Misra

A Software Engineer by profession and a writer by passion, I love sharing my thoughts on food, travel, books , life & anything even remotely related to women!

Voice of Sharanya Misra

Gender Stereotypes At Work Are Alive & Kicking…Just A Lot More ‘Subtly’!

Gender stereotypes at work are well and alive - men and women both face the brunt of them, although sexists are now careful to say, 'just kidding!'

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The Day I Realized That Being In A Loving Relationship Did Not Mean We Had To Do Everything Together
have fun alone

Khalil Gibran has said, "Let there be spaces in your togetherness!" The story of how my relationship became better after I dared to have fun alone.

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The Fight For Feminism Is All About Equality. But Here’s What I Will Not Fight For
fight for feminism

Women's fight for feminism is being seriously undermined if we expect privileges for 'being a woman'. Shouldn't it be about gender equality?

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The Story Of The Sexist Checkboxes While Registering As A Voter In India
writing a letter 2

Registering as a voter in India amply demonstrates how women are considered second citizens - one just have to look at the sexist checkboxes! A funny take.

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