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9 Excellent Erotic Books By Women From The Indian Subcontinent That You Could Explore
Indian erotica

Good Indian erotica is hard to come by, even though the erotic was important in ancient India. Here are some excellent erotic books you can check out.

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7 Funny GIFs That Tear Apart This Whole ‘Friendzone’ Thing

For the modern age where we just can’t accept a "NO" and being relegated to the friend zone can be the 'worst' thing a woman can do to a man...

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8 Quick And Lip-Smacking Cheese Recipes For An After-School Snack
cheese recipes

Go stack up on your mozzarellas and cheddars, because these drool-worthy cheese recipes make the ultimate snacks for your kids.

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Taking The Popsugar Reading Challenge In 2018? Slay It With This Feminist Booklist
feminist reading challenge

Doing the Popsugar Reading Challenge 2018? Here's a fabulous booklist about women by women, for doing a feminist reading challenge variation for 2018.

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This TED Talk By Anju Maudgal Kadam of #100SareePact Will Be The Most Empowering Speech You Hear Today

What started as an agreement between two friends, the #100SareePact, has become a movement that touches the lives of Indian women all around the globe.

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8 Hollywood Movies That Are Unapologetic About Having Women In Charge Of Their Sexuality & Agency
movies with women in charge of their sexuality

Here’s a list of Hollywood movies with women in charge of their sexuality and more, that you MUST explore in 2018.

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We Need More Women’s Toilets (And Clean Ones), Not Pink Toilets!

As more and more women's toilets in Delhi are being revamped and painted pink, I am trying to make sense of the psyche behind the clichéd move.

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For 2018, The Best Travel Quotes By Women To Encourage You To Travel {A Whole Lot} More!

These inspiring travel writers will get your itchy feet going in 2018; read on for a collection of the best travel quotes we love!

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Pallavi Singh Is Making Learning Hindi A Joyful ‘Business’ For Everybody
Pallavi Singh

In conversation with the businesswoman-cum-language teacher Pallavi Singh who is making people understand culture through language in India.

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Don’t Miss These 7 Feminist Series On Netflix. We Promise You’ll Thank Us!

Want to catch up with your quota of entertainment this festive season? We recommend these 7 feminist series on Netflix that you might binge watch.

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If You Are A Jane Austen Fan, Here Are 15 Contemporary Books That You MUST Read!
spinoffs of Jane Austen's books

There are innumerable spinoffs of Jane Austen's books, proving how universally beloved her work is. Here is a list that needs to go on your TBR.

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Femcylopaedia Is A Labour Of Love – Immortalising Women Who Ought To Be Remembered

Femcyclopaedia is a campaign that uses art to illustrate revolutionary women who shaped humankind in the past, and women building a better future

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Supreme Court: Wife’s “DNA Doesn’t Evaporate” Post Marriage Outside Religion
women's identity

“Marriage does not mean a woman mortgages herself to her husband,” stated the apex court. It is time women's identity in a marriage was recognised.

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12 Bollywood Movies Of 2017 That Made It A Good Year For Women & Feminism On Screen
Bollywood movies of 2017

Here’s a list of Bollywood movies of 2017, that define the new age Indian cinema with their bold portrayal of the many sides of a woman.

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Bigg Boss Gains Popularity The Cheap Way, Yet Again
Big Boss

It's shocking to see Bigg Boss, a reality show that has been repeatedly called out for its negativity through abuse and ugly tricks of all kind, reign as a prime-time family watch.

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Nidhi Goyal: Changing Norms One Joke At A Time
Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi Goyal is a disability and gender rights activist and also India’s first disabled woman comedienne. In a conversation with her she takes us on a journey of laughter, smiles and introspection.

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When #WomenSpeakUp At The Orange Flower Digital Summit And Awards
Orange Flower

Ever wondered how it would feel to have women honour women change-makers for the work they do? Come for the Orange Flower Digital Summit and Awards.

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On Writing, Traveling And The Whole Shebang – Author Lalita Iyer Lets Us Into Her World
Lalita Iyer

Lalita Iyer speaks about her life, her challenges as a mom, and her writing - something that she loves, and that helps her bond with the invisible reader.

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