Rashmi Jain

Rashmi Jain

Hi,I’m an avid reader,free time blogger, enjoy doing art and craft at leisure and love to inspire beautiful souls for absolute freedom and real adventure.

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Normal Is Overrated, Let Us Be Ourselves!
normal is overated

Everyone is born unique, so why do we try shunning that? Let us remember to be ourselves than just be molded into society's definition of normalcy!

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The Story Of Noora, Who Believed That The World Would See Her Under Her Disability

Noora couldn't see the world, but she did not give up, even as she had fewer options as an orphan - she took hold of her own life.

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I’m A GIRL, A WOMAN! [#Poetry]

"Let’s become our own savior, I don’t want anyone to suffer anywhere, any more!" says the poet here, about standing up for your rights as a woman today.

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No Permission Needed [#ShortStory]
no permission needed

"But Maa, doesn’t it matter to you that your daughter is physically and mentally tortured every day? What’s my future Maa? What’s the future of my daughters?"

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You Are Enough For Yourself. Stand Up And Claim Your Place!
you are enough

In this world, sometimes you need to stand up for yourself, as you are enough for yourself and do not need a knight in shining armour.

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Wild Me! Wild You! Oh, To Be Wild And Free!
to be wild

Woman, you are the most amazing creature of the universe! Women are meant to be wild. It’s our birth right to be wild.

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