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Priya Tripathi

Priya Tripathi

Priya Tripathi identifies herself as a feminist, bibliophile, survivor and a runner. She believes her upbringing in small town in a highly patriarchal set up has been a blessing in disguise. It helped her to develop perspective on the issues and to make best use of the opportunities she got later in life. She believes women need to develop their own narrative and share their personal stories to mark their presence in the world. Writing about running, patriarchy and Child sexual abuse are cathartic experience for her.

Voice of Priya Tripathi

To Change Or Not To Change Surname After Marriage?

While changing surname after marriage is a matter of choice, it is reflective of prejudices, and values deeply rooted in the patriarchal norms.

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More Women Now Are Running For Fitness And A Runners’ High, Making It A Healthy Lifestyle Choice

Women running in India has become a welcome trend. Running has a positive effect on your body, and acts as a natural antidepressant!

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Why Ambitious Indian Women Who Want To Reach The Top In Their Professional Lives Are Rare

Are ambitious Indian women who want to pursue their careers aggressively rare because they are beaten down by years of conditioning to prioritise the family role?

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The Murder Of Monika Ghurde And Other Confident Women Shows Us The Hidden Cost Of Being A Woman In India

Confident women in India are not welcome. Sometimes, when they ask uncomfortable questions, the hurt male ego even results in murder, as the case of Monica Ghurde shows.

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Why Is It Necessary For A Bride To Be Crying At Her Own Wedding?
bride crying

An interesting look at why brides cry at weddings - our society expects her to. Because clearly, society knows that she is about to lose her freedom. But why should that be?

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How Running Became The Way For Me To Run Over My Problems
fitness routine

At a low in this author's life, she found the healing power of running, and the high that can be got from such a simple thing that taps into inner strength.

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Is Indian Society Ready To Talk About Child Sexual Abuse Seriously Or Continue To Brush It Away For Social Prestige?

Often, a child who is a victim of child sexual abuse is silenced when not taken seriously by trusted adults, who might prefer to close their eyes for social prestige.

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I Was Asked, “How Do You Feel Married If You Do Not Observe Any Traditions For Married Hindu Women?”
Indian bride hands

As a modern woman and a married Indian feminist, it is my right to question redundant traditions and beliefs, that cause much grief in a woman's life!

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