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Prerna Nanda

Prerna Nanda

I have been a corporate for 13 years working in industries like Banking, IT, insurance. Travelling is a passion with me & my work has always taken me places, literally. I am a wanderer at heart & nomad by lifestyle. I love writing, no - blurting my heart out.. I live life on my own terms, I am not perfect, I am work in progress...

Voice of Prerna Nanda

Women In IT – Why Are There So Few Of Us, And When Will We Be The Norm?

While women in IT are not exactly a minority, they are also not quite at the top levels. What accounts for this? An in-depth take worth your reading time.

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Making A Will 101: Everything You Need To Know As A Woman

Want to know how to go about making a will? Here is everything a woman needs to know about it. Read on.

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Traveling Alone Anywhere In The World As A Woman Can Be Fun! Whether To Alaska Or Allahabad!

Traveling alone as a woman can be a lot of fun, if you know what to expect, and how to go about it. Here are some universal tips for traveling alone!

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Learning From Pain In Life – Once You Have Seen Darkness, You Know The Value Of Light

Learning from pain - both physical and emotional, is by becoming stronger by learning the skills you need to cope.

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I Am A Single Woman By Choice, And Here Is My Tool Kit For Being Happily Single!
confident woman

I am a single woman by choice, and very happy with my life. So, how to be happily single? Read on to find out.

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Are You A Woman In Her Forties? Congratulations! This Can Be A Wonderful Age For Women!
woman working from home

Being in the forties could be a sweet spot for most women, who have hopefully learnt to love themselves and managing their lives better.

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How I Ensured My Financial Health Single-handedly, And How You Can Too!

Even if traditionally women do not do it alone, managing money and ensuring financial health is not such a difficult thing, as this writer found out. 

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