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“First Impression Is The Last Impression” – 2 Incidents From My Life Made Me Rethink This

Why do we place so much emphasis on first impressions? Are they always a reliable indicator or should we just cut people some slack?

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Going On A Date With Yourself: Here’s Why You Should!

Have you reached a stage in your life where even though you’re successful you still feel a bit disconnected with yourself? Here's the answer!

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5 Ways To {Creatively} Win Back Your Lost Mojo At Work

“I’ve lost my will to work!"Sounds familiar? That is what happens when you lose your mojo or find a lack of motivation to work, live, move, almost anything.

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Noor Inayat Khan
The Extraordinary Story Of Noor Inayat Khan, Spy Of Indian Origin In World War 2

This is the story of Noor Inayat Khan, the great great great granddaughter of Tipu Sultan, and a spy extraordinaire during World War 2.

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Embrace Your Own Pace

Everybody these days is set out to do something with their lives. Whether its personal or professional, they are always on the move.

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The Bonds That We Share With Our Homes

Homes are more than places to stay. We often share strong connections with them. When we feel low, they have a way of picking us up as this story explores.

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self-help books
Don’t Buy That Self-Help Book Unless You Are Sure Of These 4 Things

Self-help books are probably the largest selling category of books. But how much do they really help us in dealing with the problems in our lives?

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