Nidhi Sodha

Nidhi Sodha

Blogger, reader, home chef, home advisor, IT professional and a mother of two pretty girls. I love to be on toes all the time, learning and trying new things. Here are my experiences of being a woman in different roles.

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Stop There! Don’t You Dare Touch My Child!
touch a child

While we need to be wary of child molesters, there are people who touch a child unnecessarily, often against their wish, whom we need to be wary of too!

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Boy Or Girl – A Vicious Circle [#ShortStory]
a vicious circle

It was a vicious circle. The rigid societal desires gave rise to such unlawful procedures; and just because the procedures were available, there was an ever rising greed in the wants.

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The 10 Commandments For Turning Your Marriage Into A Happily Ever After

A happily ever after begins in stories with the wedding, but not every marriage has that utopian course. Here are 10 things you can do (or not) for having one of your own.

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“Marry Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To” And Other Nuggets Of Wisdom For My Children
things I want my children to follow

At every stage of growing up as a parent, I realise a number of things I want my children to follow or to not follow. Here they are.

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What Is Life If Only Sun-Shiny? A Few Premenstrual Storms Can Certainly Spice Things Up!
symptoms of PMS

Periods and the associated symptoms of PMS can have a devastating effect. A hilarious look at what we say and what we mean at these times!

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Hey Woman, Just Let It Go!
let it go

The song Let It Go from Frozen has a meaning for her that this author talks about - and how women should just let things that bother them, go!

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Which One Is The True Legacy? [#ShortStory]
the true legacy

"Our lives can either haunt them or inspire them. The true legacy we leave behind is not money or material. It is our deeds, words and our spirit."

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In My Madhouse With Two Toddlers, Hats Off To My Housemaid Who Keeps Me Sane!

A backhanded ode to the housemaid who makes life so much easier for all women, be they working women or hassled stay at home moms like the author.

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Parenting A Toddler? Perils On My Way To The Washroom…
parenting a toddler

Parenting a toddler is no easy job - one cannot even take the mandatory loo break! My story of getting to the washroom one evening...

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Here’s To A Month Of Sinful Indulgence…

So Valentine's Day is here, and you have got your gifts of chocolate and flowers from your beloved? Here's to a month of sinful indulgence, then!

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