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The Urban Joint Family: 4 Reasons Why Millennial Parents Support This Interesting New Trend
urban joint family

The earlier joint families disintegrated slowly to give rise to nuclear families. Recently, a reverse trend of the urban joint family is seen, a sign of our times

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Women Carry More Of The Household Burden Even In Double Income Families. Is This Fair?
household burden

The household burden is often skewed in most homes - but maybe you should expect a more equitable distribution if you are an earning member too?

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Toh Kya Aap Ab Bhi Ladki Ke Ghar Ka Paani Tak Nahi Peeyenge?
daughter's parents

In this age where women are at par with men in all respects, why do we still cling to the outdated idea of the 'superiority' of the ladke vaale over the daughter's parents?

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Make These 4 Mindful New Year Resolutions Your Very Own For 2018

New Year resolutions may be a dime a dozen, but mindful new year resolutions can surely make a difference to your life!

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Are You A New Wife Trying To Cope With New Routines? Here Are 7 Handy Tips For You
new wife

Being a new wife in an arranged marriage could make life difficult in a patriarchal society like ours - but here's help. A road map to follow.

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This Is Why It Is Essential To Teach Your Daughters To Handle Their Own Finances
teaching girls about money

The importance of teaching girls about money cannot be stressed enough - in a country that does not do it purely for patriarchal reasons!

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Growing Up, I Was Almost A Parent To My Brother. How Does A Large Gap Between Siblings Work?
gap between siblings

How does it work out when the age gap between siblings in a family is large - one child in their teens and another a toddler? Read on to find out.

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#MyPregnancyStory: When An Unusual Liver Condition Made My 9 Months Harrowing

I suffered from Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy from the 2nd trimester, a condition in which severe itching all day brought me to the end of my tether.

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Do You Think You Are Ready To Have A Child?
ready for a child

Are you ready for a child? This is a question only you and your partner can decide the answer to, and not your family, extended family, or others.

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On Turning 30, Here’s What I Could Tell My 20 Year Old Self About Life
turning 30

What would you tell your 20 year old self, looking back from the vantage point of turning 30? A wise and thoughtful set of suggestions.

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