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No I Did Not Learn Cooking From My Mother, And I Am Not Ashamed Of It

It is not 'necessary' to learn cooking just because one is a girl, and we need to speak up if someone 'blames' our mothers for not teaching a skill that can be learnt later too.

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How To Teach Recycling To Little Kids

How to teach Recycling to your children for the first time? Here's what my experience was like!

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what men will cook
Why Do We Assume That Men Don’t Know How To Cook?

Everyday women discuss what they have to cook for their husbands and kids. But they never talk about what men will cook for us. Why, I ask them!

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wearing a saree
Why Do So Many Indian Women Look Down Upon Someone Wearing A Saree?

Though I'm a modern woman, I love wearing a saree for occasions, and also sometimes just like that - and I wonder, why is it that many Indian women look down upon it?

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