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Narayani Karthik

Narayani Karthik

A software engineer in the past, a content writer, an amateur blogger, an avid reader and traveler, an engaging conversationalist, an army wife, a pre school teacher and importantly, an incurable optimist!

Voice of Narayani Karthik

Why The Character Of Devi From The Recent Movie Masaan Is An Inspiration For All Women

The recent movie Masaan is a must watch - I loved the character of Devi, a strong young woman who takes charge of her own life despite it all!

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Mira Rajput, Though Your Words Were Badly Chosen, I am With You. Here’s Why

Mira Rajput's recent comments on being a homemaker went viral and led to all of social media slamming her. Here's a different point of view.

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Ladies, Here’s How You Can Live A Good Life Despite Those Crazy Menopause Symptoms!
woman with grey hair

Menopause symptoms can be really bad for many women, often interfering with the quality of life. But here's how you can still have a good life.

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Enterpreneur Aditi Gokhale Firmly Believes In Revisiting, And Embracing Organic Food!
Aditi Gokhale

As a young mother, Aditi Gokhale realized the value of fresh, organic food, and began her own venture, All Things Organic, that deals in this.

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Feminist Books By Women Authors That Made It To The Booker Prize Shortlist Over The Years
man booker prize

Here is a look at feminist books by women authors on the prestigious Booker Prize shortlist over the years - this year's shortlist has been out on the 13th of September.

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“When The Downs In Life Trouble You, Sail Through With Perseverance!” Says Kalpana Rao
Kalpana Rao

When Kalpana Rao, founder of Pari's Haute Couture says, “Perseverance with passion gets you to your goal!” it rings loud and true for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneur Rashmi Singh On Dreams, Designs and Studio Moya!
Rashmi Singh

“Design is not just about aesthetics, it is also about problem solving”, says Rashmi Singh, Founder of Studio Moya.

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Women Film Directors In India Show A Better Insight Into Women’s Lives Giving Us More Nuanced Cinema
English Vinglish

Women film directors in India are more sensitive to the nuances of a woman's life experience, and do not shirk from exploring these in their films. 

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“Your Life, Your Story”. Aparna Athreya Weaves Stories For Children To Teach Them
Aparna Athreya

“Every life is a story. Make yours a best seller.” And, Aparna Athreya, founder of Kids and Parents foundation is a living testimony to this adage.

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How Anu Krishna Set Up A Business That In Turn Inspires Other Women To Become Entrepreneurs
Anu Krishna

The thought of creating something indigenous and organic gave birth to Word Weave, the brain child of Anu Krishna!

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The War Against Gender Inequality Is In Our Own Hands. Let’s Take Charge!
family in a playful mood

Gender inequality in the world is mostly due to our own selves - small things that we do or don't do can go a long way in eradicating it.

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Kindness Always Pays. Always. Try It Out
mother and daughter writing together

Kindness always pays, even if you do not expect a reward for being kind. It is the way to be a true human being.

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Why I Think My Traditional Mother Is More Liberal Than Many New Age Women!
elderly Indian woman (2)

What makes a lady? Not how well you are dressed. It is the outlook to life, the goodness, and the commitment to making a better life for loved ones.

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The Education System In India Is Deeply Flawed. We Need To Correct It Now.
teacher and students

The education system in India is deeply flawed, and needs to be corrected if we are to bring up good citizens of tomorrow.

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Is Your Teen Keen On Social Networking? Useful Candid Tips On Online Safety
online safety

One needs to be aware of the dangers lurking online, if your teenager is on social networking sites. Here are a few candid tips for online safety.

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And The Stars Welcomed Him Into Their Abode [Short Story]
Indian armyman with rifle

This is a short story keeping in mind the sacrifices and perils our armed forces and their families undergo, most of which go unnoticed in the civilian world.

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5 Tips For Finding Focus During Your High School Years Despite The Rat Race
teenage student

High school students today are all in a rat race chasing success in life. While the rat race is important in today's education system, here are 5 tips for finding focus at a critical point in your life.

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When A High School Teacher Mocked Me For Teaching Preschoolers

The author, a preschool teacher, was hurt when a higher secondary teacher from a reputed school derided her choice of teaching preschoolers. Here's how the preschool teacher's father reassured her to follow her passion, no matter what.

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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining: My Brush With Myasthenia Gravis
Cloud Final

In this personal narration, the writer narrates when she was hospitalized for a very rare disease, and when she saw the silver lining every cloud carries.

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What The Reactions To The Salman Khan Verdict Reveal About Our Society

Many reactions to the Salman Khan verdict have been downright bizarre and excuse a serious crime on the grounds of other 'good deeds'. Does it say something about what lives we value?

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We Need More Good News
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 3.12.18 pm

We are tired of hearing words like rape, murdered, molested and victims. Our hearts need good news too to be hopeful and have faith in the goodness of humanity.

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Making Your Decisions Mean More: Assume Less!

How do you make sure your decisions are meaningful and as correct as they can be? Assume less, and rely on reason, says this post.

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Big, Fat Confusion: To Lose Weight Or To Stay Fit?

We often confuse our fitness goals - do we want to lose weight or stay fit? Are they the same thing? Here's an interesting take.

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All For One, One For All : Fight Back!

Why do women tolerate so much injustice? Fight back for yourself and for others, says this post.

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#Freedomls To Be Truly Free From Negativity

Freedom means different things to us at different points in our life. Here is a peek into the essence of freedom.

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Confessions Of A Rehabilitated Shopaholic
confessions of a rehabilitated shopaholic

It is easy to get carried away with retail therapy. Here are the confessions of a rehabilitated shopaholic about their journey to better control!

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How has social networking changed you?

Social networking has changed the way we see our lives. How has social networking changed you? This insightful post takes a look.

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An Ode To the Modern Homemaker
Thank you

One of the most underrated jobs in the world is to be a homemaker. Here is a tribute to the modern homemaker, her issues, and desires.

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Do You Love Your Mother Tongue?

An insightful take on why learning the mother tongue is important for the child, as well as the parents.

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