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Kirthi Jayakumar

Voice of Kirthi Jayakumar

Why Kanta Bai Cannot Be Well Dressed Or Aware Of Her Rights As A Working Woman!
maid servants

Are we uncomfortable if the 'maid servants' are well dressed, aware of their right, etc.? Are we likely to be more suspicious of them?

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By Focusing On ‘Propriety’ Of Raya Sarkar’s Harasser List, We Are Failing Women

Raya Sarkar's list of men in academia accused of harassment has created ripples. When 'due process' hardly works, can we blame women for going public?

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Women Going On Haj Don’t Need Male Kin Along, Says The Government

Women going on Haj may soon be able to dispense with the requirement for a male relative to come along. Good news or more to be done?

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Will The Recent SC Decision On Section 498A Dilution Help Women Access Justice?

Will The Recent SC Decision On Section 498A Dilution Help Women Access Justice?

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What Do Sex Workers In India Want For Themselves? Let Us Explode Some Myths
sex workers in India

There is such a thing as voluntary sex workers in India - it is not always about trafficking, and what they want for themselves will surprise you!

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Let’s Unpack The Right To Privacy SC Judgement And What It Means For Article 377

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of India ruled that Right to Privacy is a fundamental right. Let's examine the ramifications for Section 377.

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Why I Created The Saahas App For Survivors Of Gender Based Violence To Find Help
saahas app

Driven by a need for a simple way for women facing gender based violence to find help easily, Kirthi Jayakumar created the Saahas App.

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This Petition Against Marital Rape Needs Your Support; Take Action!

Marital rape is still not a crime in India; we continue to justify it in the name of culture. Sign this petition against marital rape now. It's time to stop.

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Shadow In The Mirror Is The Perfect Whodunit To Pick Up This Weekend [#BookReview]
Shadow in the Mirror

Shadow in the Mirror by Deepti Menon is a fast paced whodunit with fiercely feminist women characters that is a must read for any lover of this genre.

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This New SC Judgement On Dowry harassment Cases Is Depressing
A woman looks at her reflection even though its dimly lit.

The stringent anti-dowry law was arrived at after arduous effort by women. This new judgement may make justice harder for victims of dowry harassment.

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Child Sexual Abuse Is The Elephant In The Room We Can’t Hide Anymore!

Child sexual abuse happens. It's time we deal with child sexual abuse rather than hide it under the carpet.

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Patriarchy, Power, Position: How Many More P’s To Justify Men Like Bill Cosby?

Why do we find ourselves and the media justifying men, particularly famous men, for their misdeeds, no matter how grotesque they are?

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Trans Men Are More Invisible In Indian Society Than Trans Women. Why?

Kinners. Have you heard the term? Not as often as you may have heard of the word hijra or trans woman, and that's discriminatory in itself.

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How We Name Our Girls In India – What Does It Say About Us Indians?
girl names

The girl names we prefer in India are very telling of how we perceive women. An interesting discussion that is an eye-opener.

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Supreme Court Upholds The Death Penalty For Nirbhaya’s Rapists. Why Is This Case So Significant?
Nirbhaya's rapists

The Supreme Court today upheld the death penalty for Nirbhaya's rapists, and has furthered the cause of feminism, in one baby step.

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Suja Jones & Legal Experts Tell Us Why This Child Sexual Abuse Case Needs A Closer Look

In the recent child sexual abuse case where Pascal Mazurier was acquitted on charges of raping his own daughter, the prosecution believes they need to appeal.

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Yogi Adityanath, Your Comments On Women Are Regressive, And Not Very ‘Hindu’ Either!

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s comments on women may be in the garb of 'Indian culture', but there is nothing particularly Indian or even Hindu about them.

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Dear Kriti Sanon, We’re Not ‘Done’ Talking. And Neither Should You Be

Kriti Sanon's new video on International Women's Day went viral. But guess what? We're not done talking. We need to talk - and act!

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The Landmark Maternity Benefit Bill Passed: How We Get Here & What You Need To Do

The proposed amendments to the Maternity Benefit Bill has been cleared by the Parliament. Now all it needs is strict ground-level implementation.

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From Trisha To Gurmehar Kaur: Why Rape Threats Are Our Favourite Way Of Shutting Women Down

Rape threats against women, whether in the ‘real world’ or on social media, are society’s way of shutting women down when they ‘cross the line’.

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Patriarchy Lurks Behind Attacks On Women. Please Don’t Mansplain This To Me?

Why do folks find it so hard to accept that patriarchy (and its emphasis on power) is often behind attacks on women? That it's not just 'some bad guys'?

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How Portrayal Of Mental Illness In Movies Ranges From The Offensive To The Absurd To The Realistic

Popular cinema has been grossly irresponsible about the portrayal of mental illness in movies, but there is a growing trend towards more sensitivity.

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Why Every Female Politician Feels The Need For A ‘Sasikala’ By Her Side

Female politicians, unlike men in power, don't usually have a spouse to handle everything for them. Instead, female friends are critical to their lives.

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One Doesn’t Need To Be A Jayalalithaa Fangirl To Applaud Her Pro-Women Policies
AIADMK leader Jayaram Jayalalitha greets the audience during her swearing-in-ceremony as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state in Chennai, India, Saturday, May 23, 2015. An appeals court acquitted the powerful politician in southern India of corruption charges earlier this month, clearing the way for her to return to public office. She was forced last year to step down as the highest elected official in Tamil Nadu after a Bangalore court in September convicted her of possessing wealth disproportionate to her income and sentenced her to four years in prison. (R. Senthil Kumar/ Press Trust of India via AP)

While questions over her probity (and of those close to her) lingered over her political career, one cannot help but applaud the late CM, J.Jayalalithaa for her pro-women policies in a sea of misogyny.

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Going Gaga Over Farhan Akhtar’s Poem To A Survivor Of Rape? Here’s Why I Am Not

Farhan Akhtar's poem addressed to  survivor of rape has caught the fancy of many, but here is one person who isn't really impressed. Find out why.

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When It Comes To Abortion Rights, A Woman Prisoner Cannot Be Treated Differently, Says Bombay High Court
Women Prisioners

In it's recent judgement, Bombay high court stated that pregnant women inmates in India have equal abortion rights like any other woman. Here's more.

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Hillary Clinton Often Gets Flak For Not Smiling Enough. Why Don’t Female Politicians In India Face This?
Hillary Clinton

There was a huge buzz on social media about Hillary Clinton not smiling enough. However Indian women leaders are accepted more easily for their public image. Read on.

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This Unique Auto Celebrates Women And Is Wowing People On Delhi’s Streets
Celebrating women leaders

Gagan Thakur has celebrated women leaders of India, through powerful images of women leaders in the interiors of his designer autorickshaws. Here are the details. 

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Supreme Court’s Decision To Shut Down Sterilization Camps Is A Win For Women’s Healthcare
Ban on Sterilization Camps

The Supreme Court has ruled that the government must ban Sterilization camps in India. This prioritizes women's healthcare and puts it on the national agenda.

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Buzzing All Over Social Media, ‘Pink’ Beautifully Unpacks The Meaning Of Consent

The movie 'Pink' talks about the true meaning of consent along with myriad challenges that loom large for women in India. 

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British Couple’s Struggle To Take Their Baby To UK, Reiterates The Deep-rooted Complications Of Surrogacy
British Couple

British couple whose visa expires shortly, might have to leave their new born surrogate child in the orphanage. Would regulating, rather than banning commercial surrogacy, be a better step?

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Soha Ali Khan Tells Haters, That Going To A Temple, Doesn’t Make Her A Non-Muslim
Soha Ali Khan

When Soha Ali Khan visited the Golden Temple, her personal religious beliefs were questioned. Every individual has the right to religion, to choose how and where they worship.

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Women Are More Likely To Attempt Suicide Than Men, Because Of Patriarchal Social Structures
Suicide in women

The increasing rate of suicide, among Indian women is alarming. Read to know about the factors that contribute to this dangerous trend.

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Freaky Ali: Some Laughter Yes, But With A Fricking Big Dose Of Toxic Hegemony #MovieReview
Freaky Ali

Women are targets of sexist jokes even in sports-films like Freaky Ali. What's more baffling is that the audience seems to enjoy the sexism portrayed in these movies.

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Shocking Revelations In Rekha’s Biography Confirm Deep-rooted Sexism And Patriarchy In The Film Industry

Rekha's biography has some shocking revelations. There is a sense of 'righteousness' in passing value judgment on the life of a woman be it Rekha or any other woman.

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When A 11 m.o Infant Is Raped, We Know This Grotesque Crime Is All About Power
Rape of an eleven month old infant

The rape of a eleven month infant, shows that women in our country are still perceived as tools to be abused and an infant(girl) is no different.

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No Means Yes: How The Portrayal Of Women In Tamil Movies Warps Young Minds

Sexualized violence and objectification of women in Tamil movies, is sending out negative patriarchal ideas to the youth, especially young boys and girls. Here's why.

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Here’s How Female Foeticide, Female Infanticide And Human Trafficking Are Interconnected
Indian Girl

Did you know that there is a link between female foeticide, infanticide and human trafficking? Learn more about it here.

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Here’s Why Tarun Sagar’s Speech Is Plain Misogynistic And Patriarchal
Tarun Sagar

The recent Tarun Sagar's speech created quite a stir. Leaders need to be responsible, while delivering speeches, as their ideas have a huge impact on the society

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Bombay HC Ruling on Entry Of Women Into Haji Ali Dargah: A Gigantic Step Towards Gender Equality
Haji Ali Dargah

The Bombay High Court's ruling on the entry of women into Haji Ali Dargah has reinforced the status of equality of women in religion.

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Another Female Infanticide Case Comes To Light. Who Says Discrimination Against The Girl Child Is Dead?
Female Foeticide

Discrimination against the girl child is very much alive – and continues to subsist in the form of female infanticide and foeticide in India.

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Old Age Is Tough, But Even Tougher For Older Women In India
Old Woman

A recent article in a leading newspaper  revealed that older women in India face more discrimination. They do not even raise their voice against it. Here's why.

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New Maternity Benefit Provisions Welcome, But Is It Truly Enough To Support Working Moms?
Mother and Baby

The new Maternity Benefit Act amendments offer a ray of hope. Yet, has enough been done to help women get back to work?

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Athlete Shanthi Soundarajan’s Tragedy Tells Us We Don’t Have True Independence Yet
Santhi Sondarajan

Athlete Shanthi Soundarajan had been banned from running as she failed the gender test. Are we free, if we fail to conform to the norms of 'gender'?

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When A Couple Decides To Divorce, The Court Doesn’t Need To Be Nosey About It
divorce fears

Here's how the Madras high court's ruling on cases where a couple decides to divorce can be in favour of women. Read to know more!

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The Judge’s Reasoning In Pallavi Purkayastha’s Murder Case Is Insulting To Women Everywhere
clothes are not consent

In the Pallavi Purkayastha's case the judge blamed the victim for tempting the accused. A woman shouldn't be held responsible for a man's sexual behaviour.

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Actor Tisca Chopra’s Revelations About The Casting Couch Highlight The Misogyny In Industry
Tisca Chopra

Actor Tisca Chopra recently opened up regarding her casting couch experience. There is a constant notion that a woman's body is public property.

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Donald Trump Believes All Muslim Women Are Oppressed, But He Reflects Common Stereotypes
Donald Trump

Stereotypes about Muslim women still rule! The views Donald Trump holds on Muslim women were clear when he pointed fingers at a grieving Muslim American mother's silence.

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Minor Girl Molested By A Female Warden, Challenges The Stereotypical Perception That Perpetrators Are Always Male
Child's pic

The recent news of a minor girl allegedly molested by a female warden in Mumbai came to light. Can women be sexual predators too? 

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Does The IPC Needs Some Work To Catch Up With Sextortion, A New Cyber Crime?

Sextortion is a rapidly growing new cyber crime where the perpetrator uses nude photographs of victims to gain even more sexually explicit content from them. Read on. If you thought extortion had nothing to do with your privacy, then you’re in for a rude shock. Sextortion is a new form of cyber/online harassment that appears […]

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Indiana Court Releases Purvi Patel Who Was Convicted On Charges Of ‘Foeticide’
Purvi Patel

Charges of 'foeticide' in the Purvi Patel case have been dropped by the Indiana court. Read on to know why this case is important.

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Why Should Marital Rape Have Anything To Do With Indian Culture?
Marital rape

Maneka Gandhi once commented that marital rape laws cannot be applied in India. Why are we so clueless about Consent?

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“She Was Attacked By Him” Puts The Onus On Her. “He Attacked Her” Holds Him Responsible!
Damage words do

How we use language says a lot about our mindset. Our choice of words can reveal a conditioned bias even while speaking of gender equality.

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Want A Sure Shot Route To Gender Equality? Learn What It Is.
true gender equality

We need to get to the roots of patriarchy and weed it out if we are to get anywhere close to attaining gender equality. 

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Make Facilities For Women In Rural Areas Easily Available, And See A Decrease In Sexual Violence
Indian rural woman

While changing patriarchal mindsets is important, better and easily accessible facilities for women in rural India can increase their safety. 

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If Cultural Relics Like Carvings Showcase Various Sexual Orientations, Then Why Are They Being Criminalized?
rainbow coloured heart on a white background

When relics of our cultural heritage like temple carvings show the prevalence of the various sexual orientations, then why are we criminalizing them?

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Why Letting The Juvenile Walk Free Is An Assault On Peace

Letting the juvenile accused in the 'Nirbhaya' case walk free does not serve the cause of peace or justice, believes the writer of this post.

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This Is What Happened When I Started Menstruating In The Rains

A woman talks about the crisis she went through, when she started menstruating during these heavy rains. She makes a point,why it is so important to talk about it.

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That Viral Fanpage Video Where Boys Are Asked To Slap A Girl? Here’s My Problem With It

That viral Fanpage video of boys being asked to slap a girl? It falls short in three ways.

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Never Mind Who Killed Aarushi Talwar, We Assassinated Her Character

The author introspects on how the media covered the murder of Aaarushi Talwar and how the country assassinated her character.

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What Is Indian Culture Anyway?

What is Indian culture anyway? Ours is a country whose people worship female goddesses but who still don't tolerate women going out late at night.

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Why Are We So Concerned About Protecting The Modesty Of A Woman And Not The Woman Herself?
Indian Penal Code

The Indian Penal Code talks about protecting the modesty of a woman, but conveniently forget the woman herself. A woman is still treated as a property.

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