Karthika S Nair

Karthika S Nair

I am a zoology student. I am an aspiring writer. I want to be a novelist or a script writer. I am a feminist and I also support nature rights. I am against alcoholism and corruption.

Voice of Karthika S Nair

5 Lifestyle Tips To Deal Better With Period Cramps
How to manage period cramps

Here are 5 practical tips to help you deal better with dysmenorrhea - the menstrual cramping that afflicts many women.

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Rage Against The Machine: Don’t Stop And Stare

What happens when we just stop and stare? A photo goes viral before a victim gets help, says this introspective post.

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Silencing Preity Zinta: Is Standing Up For Yourself A Crime?

What happens to a woman who stands up for herself? Is she supported and heard out? Or is she silenced and criticised? This insightful post takes a look.

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My Story: How Long Will Women In India Live A Life Of Fear?
Women living with fear

An encounter in an isolated area leaves the writer contemplating how precarious is the safety net for most women, and how common the victim-blaming.

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A family In The Dark: The Vicious Effects Of Domestic Violence
The effects of domestic violence

When a child is brought up in an environment of abuse, what impact does it have on a young mind? The effects of domestic violence can be vicious and long-running.

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