Kanika G

Kanika G

I started writing to entertain my daughter. I write stories with characters she can relate to. I use simple every day experiences for the plots that, though completely fictitious, could very well be true. My daughter, Pell G, provides constructive criticism. She is a little over 2 years old. I read the books to her and delete, shorten or rewrite the parts where she looks bored. She helps me choose pictures. She enjoys being involved and encourages me to write more. She asks for the stories to be read to her repeatedly and is a wonderful trial audience. Writing these ebooks serves as an excellent way for us to spend time together.

Voice of Kanika G

Back After An Unexpected Detour [#ShortStory]
unexpected detour

"That is just what I said, because boys never seemed to like me. It was easier for me to pretend that romance was silly, than admit guys did not find me attractive. I was jealous of Naveen and you."

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Are You Watching What Behaviour You Are Modelling For Your Child? Your Child Is Watching You!
what behaviour do I model

Every parent needs to introspect - what behaviour do I model for my child? Be sure that the child is watching, and internalising what you do.

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Finally, She Slept [#ShortStory]
finally, she slept

She remembered how much joy little children had brought to her big family, but this little guy only made her miserable. Was she the monster or was he?

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Doctor, I Have Pelvic Pain! What Can It Be? Anything Serious?
pelvic pain

Are you experiencing pelvic pain? It may be serious or it may not. Do not panic, but do get checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

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Why A Right To Privacy Becomes Critical In A Society Like Ours That Has No Concept Of It!

Privacy is a fundamental right because of its link to safety of the individual, which becomes even more critical in this electronic age of the Internet.

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The Chance Meeting [#ShortStory]
chance meeting

What do you say to someone you were somewhat acquainted with, and had an intense crush on years ago in high school, and that someone did not reciprocate your feelings?

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Pregnant With Twins Or Triplets? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Their Health & Yours
twins or triplets

If you are pregnant with twins or triplets, it adds another layer of worry for new parents. Here is an overview of what you need to know.

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Why Do You Need A Label? [#ShortStory]
why do you need a label

Somehow wanting to hug Shreya felt different, possibly forbidden, she did not know why though. Yet when she occasionally did it it made her feel euphoric.

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The Stalker [#ShortStory]

Now she wouldn't have to worry about her creepy stalker. He would never dare do something with this other guy around. She smiled cheerfully at the man in the suit and then she gasped.

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When The Building Opened Its Doors [Short Story]

'Posh' buildings hide a whole lot of hypocrisy, sexism and classism behind them. A story of the scenes behind the classy facade!

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Caught Your Kid With Porn? How You React Makes All The Difference

Many children will come across porn in some fashion as they grow up. If you caught your child with porn, shaming them will not help. Here's what to do.

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The One Night Stand [#ShortStory]
one night stand

She recognised her fascination for Jacob for what it was, a completely carnal and primal feeling, controlled by neither her brain nor her heart, but only by her hormones.

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Who’s To Blame For My Pain?
take responsibility

An interesting look at how a common parenting method for little children teaches them to put the blame on someone else instead of taking responsibility.

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All You Need To Know About Getting An Abortion In India
abortion in India

If you are looking for details about getting an abortion in India, this article will tell you how to go about it safely and legally.

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The Male Biological Clock – Is It A Myth Or Reality?
male biological clock

Can men be too old to have healthy kids? Although not researched until recently, the mounting evidence about a male biological clock is getting hard to ignore.

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This New Law In Maharashtra Penalises Women For Female Foeticide. How Fair Is This?

A new proposed law in Maharashtra calls for mandatory sex determination testing of pregnant women, shifting the burden from doctors and officials to women with little choice.

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Do You Feel Taken For Granted In Most Relationships? Setting Boundaries Can Help!
setting boundaries in relationships

Women need to be fair to themselves by setting boundaries in relationships rather than try to please everyone, which can be disastrous!

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Newsflash: Being Overweight Matters To Your Health – Forget The Looks!
being overweight

Being overweight is often considered a cosmetic problem. But the long term health problems it gives rise to, are far more serious than you may think.

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Why I Think Our Colonial Past Has A Lot To Do With The Indian Preference For Fair Skin
preference for fair skin

Indians show a decided and regrettable preference for fair skin - maybe a relic of our colonial past? An interesting look at how history shapes mindsets.

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Does Your Kid Hero Worship A Celebrity? This Is Why You Should Be Worried
hero worship

Hero worship can blind you to someone's flaws, and can lead to erroneous ideas of what is acceptable. Especially so if your impressionable kid has a hero.

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Parenting Is Just One Of Those Things That Benefit From Rules, Flexibility and Efficiency

Rules can make our lives easier. Yes, they may also restrict us and curb our freedom, but we need to find a creative way to counter that.

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Her Story, His Story, Their Story [#ShortStory]
her story his story their story

"Nishant has always been a sensitive and supportive husband, she thought. He must have some reason for behaving the way he is. I should just calm down and figure it out."

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The New Surrogacy Bill Is More Complex Than You Think. Here’s Why
surrogacy bill

Surrogacy is a complex subject, and surrogacy laws are necessary for regulating this, but the new surrogacy bill is problematic in many ways.

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Here’s Why The Roles Played In The Modern Family Should Be A Matter Of Individual Choice
modern family

The modern family need no longer play by arcane rules of gender roles. Every family should decide for themselves what role the individuals in it play.

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Of Fathers And Daughters [#Poetry]

Patriarchy is bad for women, yes. But patriarchy is bad for men too! Fathers who do not know how to express their feelings, suffer!

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The Amazing Way Pregnancy Changes A Mother’s Brain So That She Can Care For Her Baby Better!

Pregnancy radically affects a woman's body and hormones. But, until recently, very little was known about how pregnancy affects the brain of the mother.

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The Promise Of Tomorrow [#Poetry]

A poem inspired by the angst over the #BangaloreMolestation incident. It might seem a very dark time for feminism, but all is not lost!

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Why Bigotry Cannot Be Tackled Without Understanding The Reasons Behind Why It Happens

Bigotry in the form of sexism, casteism, racism, or any other 'ism' needs to be tackled by understanding the insecurities behind these beliefs, not just by calling it out.

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Are You Competitive With Your Spouse? Watch Out For Relationship Troubles!

Sometimes competitive couples use their intimate knowledge of each other's vulnerabilities as weapons. This is a no-no for a healthy relationship!

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Why Understanding The Possible Origins Of Patriarchy Is Important To Strike At Its Roots

What are the origins of patriarchy? We need to look at how and why it evolved, to be able to find a way to uproot it from today's society.

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Post Pregnancy Care Is About Your Health, Not Just Being A ‘Yummy Mummy’!
post pregnancy care

Proper post pregnancy care is essential for both the health and happiness of mother and baby, not just to 'look good again'!

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Do We Need Reservations For Women At Work In India? The Facts Are Surprising.

Reservations for women at work are a contentious subject in India, and often seen as a 'sop'. Yet, there is more to affirmative action than that.

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A Marriage Certificate Is Not A License To Rape. It Is Time We Had A Law Against Marital Rape

A law against marital rape is required in India, where marriage is considered a license for sex - a wife is often forced against her wishes.

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It Is These Little Things In Life That Make It Worthwhile! Do You Agree?

It is the big things in life matter, but it is the little things in life that make it so beautiful, so worth living. Especially in a relationship.

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Premature Babies Care – Let Us Look At The Medical, Social And Family Support Possible In India

Today on World Prematurity Day let's look at premature babies care, the problems faced by these parents, and how they can be empowered.

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Stereotypical Jokes. How Are They Even Funny?

Sardarji jokes. Kanjoosi jokes. Sexist jokes. There is a thin line that we cross with these, and stereotypical jokes are not really funny at all, but hurtful!

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And Just How Do You Define A Woman Worthy Of Deserving Basic Rights And Equality?

People claim to be feminists, but take the smallest excuse to deny women their basic rights for the 'good' of family or society. It is time this stops.

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Why Are There So few Women Nobel Prize Winners In Pure Sciences & Economics?

Among the 870 Nobel laureates to date, there are only 48 women Nobel prize winners, and even here, there are very few in pure sciences and Economics. Discrimination?

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The Ups And Downs Of Working For A BPO As A Woman In India

Working for a BPO as a woman isn't easy, even if it gives many educated women purpose, confidence, and financial independence. 

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Are We Still Living In The Age Of The Ramayana?

When we tell our kids the story of the Ramayana, shouldn't we at least tell them what was wrong, instead of trying to justify things just because Ram did them?

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The Knitting Needles [#ShortStory]

Real freedom is about letting someone choose their passion without any restrictions, rather than just 'letting' them do what earlier generations had been denied.

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Can We Start Talking To Kids About Female Masturbation, Please? No More Taboos!

How and when did you find out about female masturbation? Are you going to tell your daughter about it? Here is why you probably should.

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It Is Time Old Wedding Traditions Were Tweaked To Make Them More Meaningful To Equal Partnership In Marriage

I did have a traditional wedding with all that this entails, but as long as my husband and I believe in an equal partnership in marriage, should it really matter?

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Is Being A Fair Parent Tough? Not If You Follow Your Parenting Instincts!

Being a fair parent is part of learning to be a parent, and comes on the job. How do you define a fair parent? Are you one? Read on to find out.

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I Think I’ll Raise My Daughters To Be Nice

How and why did 'being nice' and 'being a feminist' become mutually exclusive? Shouldn't these values be taught to both girls and boys?

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What Indian Movies Teach Us Wrong About Consent Could Fill A Book

Consenting adults can experience sexual pleasures in many forms and spice up their relationships. Let us look at what consent means in India.

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The ‘Bitchy’ Woman Boss. Damned If You Do And Damned If You Don’t!

Women need to figure out innovative ways to tackle gender bias at work, while society needs to work on recognizing that assertive doesn't equate bossy!

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No, You’re Not ‘Helping’ Mom. Housework Is Everyone’s Responsibility!

Even today doing housework largely remains a woman's job. It is high time every family member owned and did their share.

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Why Empowering Children To Think For Themselves Is The Best Gift We Can Give Them

As parents, the best thing we can do is empowering children to think for themselves, instead of just to follow what others ask of them.

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Why Mom And Dad Should Both Get Equal Paid Leave For Parenting

Paternity leave is the way to go if men are to share parental duties from early parenthood. In fact, a better idea is shared parental leave.

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6 Subtle Signs That Told Me I May Have Found Mr. Right

You are in love. How do you know that he is 'the one'? Mr Right? Are there any signs that he is? Read this very personal account to find out.

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Gender Bias On Performance Appraisals Is Very Real. India Inc, Are You Listening?

Gender bias in performance reviews at work exists and can be unconscious. Are there ways to address the problem?

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Ladies, Is The Copper IUD The Right Contraceptive For You?

The copper IUD is a simple, cheap, convenient, reversible, long term and reliable contraceptive option. But is it right for you?

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Your First Pelvic Exam: Horror Story Or No Problem, What Was It?

Most women are anxious about their first pelvic exam at a gynaecologist's. What happens? How does it feel? What are the doctors like? Find out.

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To Use Or Not To Use Makeup At Office, Is The Question!

Is makeup at office a confidence booster? What does it say about the professional perception of women? To use, or not to use? To manipulate or to change it?

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Why We Need To Break The Taboo About Periods While Talking To Our Daughters

The taboo about periods makes one think there is something shameful about it. So why not be open about periods with our daughters?

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Is It Ideal To Never Fight In Front Of The Kids?

There are many good reasons for parents to not fight often in front of the kids. But is it ideal for them to never be fighting in front of kids?

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Your Fitness Routine Isn’t Convenient? Bet You Won’t Stick To It.

It is not enough to make changes in lifestyle for a fitness routine. Its success depends on how convenient these changes are for you.

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What Parents Need To Know About The Subtleties Of Raising Confident Girls

Raising confident girls? Try encouragement and positive reinforcement. Avoid negative motivators like competition, guilt, fear and shame. Here is why.

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Taming The Monster Of Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Some women have it easy, while some suffer from severely debilitating morning sickness during pregnancy. Here are some practical tips to deal with it.

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A Period And Pregnancy Friendly Office: Is That Too Much To Ask For, Really?

A few simple women friendly policies at work that take into account their needs during periods and pregnancy can make the workplace a better place for women.

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How Will Automation At The Workplace Affect Women’s Employment In The Future?

Robots are the future. Will automation at the workplace mean more trouble for women in a world that is already grappling with a gender gap?

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What Can Be Done To Overcome The Confidence Barrier That Women Face At The Workplace?

There is a decided confidence barrier at the workplace - a woman is less likely believe in herself and speak up about her ideas. What can be done to change this?

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Does The Hoopla Around International Women’s Day Do Any Good?

Is there more to Women's Day And Mother's Day than lip service and the sale of items in pink and bling?

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Stay At Home Mom Or Career Woman – Do It Because That Is What You Want To Do

SAHM or career woman? Choose keeping your own happiness in mind. Not what other people think, not how you got here and not how it is going to effect the kids.

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Is Workplace Gossip More Hurtful To Women?

Are you a women who is the target of workplace gossip? Read on to find out how you can handle it.

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Respect Women For The Right Reasons – As Human Beings. Not Just Because They Are Someone’s Ma, Beti, Behen, Biwi!

Women are are as human as any men, as good, or as flawed as anyone else. So why can't we respect women for the right reasons?

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Finding Sexual Harassment At The Workplace? Here’s What To Do Next

Sexual harassment at the workplace can be a very real danger. Read on to find out how to handle it, where to go for relief.

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Being A Woman Can Not Only Make You A Victim Of The Pay Gap, But Can Also Cost You That Coveted Job

Think that the pay gap between genders might not be applicable to you? Read this thoughtful article to see how being a woman can not only get you lower wages than a man with the same qualifications, but can also actually cost you a coveted job.

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Why Are Masculine Career Choices Considered Better Than Feminine Ones?

Why can't we consider the different ways in which women think and do things as normal? Why should the masculine be considered the norm in independence and identity?

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